The Promise Teasers Feb 2016: The family is shocked to witness Jai’s actions


A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on The Promise Zee World during the month of February 2016. Be sure to tune in to The Promise on Zee World every weekday to see how everything plays out.

Pronita confronts Ganga about her two faced life and she finally regains her memory.

Even after knowing her true identity she is unable to reveal the truth to the Walia family.

Krishan and Vicky see Ganga’s true identity.

Although Jai’s children managed to escape the first time they are unable to hide their true identity from their father.

Pronita puts a plan together that exposes Meera’s true colours to Jai.Jai tries to commit suicide.

The family is shocked to witness Jai’s actions.

Even though Pronita’s intentions are good the Walia family only sees her an enermy.

Pronita’s plans seem to be working.

Jai’s path brings him more sorrow than happiness.

Ganga’s actions prove that she has inherited Bani’s love and compassion.

 The Promise is on Zee World (DStv Channel 166) Monday to Friday 19h00


  1. I don’t like what merra is dowing to children is not good at all bani please show your self now it to much jai needs you please nice to see that every thing is gone be fine now i miss ban piya and jiggasa lol

  2. There are too many gaps in the story. Vicky is supposed to be Meera’s son, which means he is expected to be younger than Krisha who is only 16 years old. So how come Vicky has finished college or University in America at the age of 15? It does not add up.

    Also, Jai and Meera celebrate their 25th anniversary which is impossible. Don’t forget that Jai and Bani broke up 23 years ago, when he though that Bani was having an affair with Daksh. So how could Jai and Meera have been married for 25 years?

    Finally, where is Athavha, the twin brother of Krishna? How come nobody has heard of him or seen him since the fight between Meera and Bani 16 years ago, where bani kept him on the floor in a corner to protect him from Meera?

  3. Yes I like Bani and Jai together and where is Atarbah gone is not Vicky , Meera ‘ s son there is some very wrongs here I don’t undrestand what’s going on I think is Bani ‘s son Meera fake it.

  4. This is so sad of Bani, her kids are turning their backs on her. Hopefully, Vicky will tell the truth. I can’t wait to see Meera goes behind bars.

  5. I’m waiting for meera to go to jail for where is belong u nw Bani suffering a lot I like to see Jai and Bani together forever I’m very dissapointed cause promise is coming to and end.

    • I am glad too, but today I’m disappointed how the script be like this…the list they could do is to let all the family that Pronita is Bani then after that they can let Jigyasa get get back to her old self…I will never watch this again

  6. I’m pissed off and disappointed to the writer for today’s episode…they shoud’ve let the family know that Pronita is Bani…we know that leopard can never change its skin but it’ll be better if all the family knew about Bani. then what example does this show? That all the innocent soul suffer for this long? Then everyone who watch this will turn to be wicked and evil moos. Mxm never will I watch “The Promise”

  7. no no no im very dessapointed in these. the promise writer must stop playing mind games with us where will bani get another plan to prove her self that she’s bani after her most hater gigyasa turn to her evil strange life no wont watch the promise again

  8. i was really excited for Bani that she’ll get what she lost, but that evil wicked witch Jigyasa, never change, please let good triumph ovet evil


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