The Promise Teasers for December 2015: Ranveer is sent to jail


The Promise Teasers for December 2015: The upcoming The Promise (Soapie Teasers for The Promise: December 2015) episodes will features Loha, Laali, Shekhar, Ganga, Siddeshwari, Suman, Rekha, Madur, Reddy and other popular characters. Listed below is The Promise Teasers for December 2015…

Tuesday 1st December – Thursday 31st December 2015

Bani manages to help Rashi out of a life threatening situation.

Ranveer is sent to jail.

Jigyasa finds out about Bani’s whereabouts with Daksh.

Jai pulls all strings to get his children back.

His efforts however go to waste as the kidnappers are proving to be a step ahead.

Bani and Jai are faced with the loss of their children.

Jigyasa on the other hand takes the opportunity to use the situation to her advantage.

Time has passed and Bani has found happiness in a new identity.

This new life however brings tests and tribulations.

Even with the passing time, Bani still hopes to see Jai.

The Promise is on Zee World (Dstv Channel 166) Mondays to Fridays at 21h00.