The Promise Teasers: What will Ganga do?


The Promise teasers, previews, updates, episodes and spoilers for the week of 14 to 18 March 2016.

After much struggle Pronita finally manages to rescue Ganga.

Rishi then proposes that he takes Ganga as his wife.

What will Ganga do?

As Meera’s true colours are finally being revealed to the whole family, she is arrested.

Jai decides to leave Mumbai to erase all his sad memories that he cannot take any longer.

Be sure to tune into The Promise @ 21:00 every Weekdays on Zee World (DStv Channel 166)!


  1. Bani deserves to be happy, now when she’s about to get happiness something bad happens. It is more like promoting evil bcoz good Bany always get hurt. Am sad it feels like we won’t enjoy watching Bany being happy at all

  2. the way things are going makes me not want to watch this series anymore…the bad ppl are always winning and even if there is a happy ending…why make it drag for so long..honestly losing interest

  3. it is a good story of which it leaves us with mixed emotions and sometimes you feel like not watching but hey BANI’S heart she has is a gold one. and there comes Gikiasa oh my !my! my! what a comeback , betrayal and hatred when is she going to accept that Bani is the apple of Jay’s eyes.

  4. Jigyassa is really working on my nerves now. She just cant leave Barni alone.
    I suppose there must be people like her as well hey.

  5. Ds is a firm dt evrybdy suppose to watch especially ladies dt no matter hw u show love to ur husband u wll stll face challenges we shld learn 4rm bani she is a courageous woman i luv watchng d promise

  6. Plz bring back the promise. I miss jay and Bani. Their love gave me so much hope. I love seeing them together. Well the old Bani, not pronita


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