The Queen Teasers (15-19 April 2019): Brutus learns Harriet’s dark secret

The Queen Cast

The Queen (Mzansi Magic) teasers and updates for the week of 15 April 2019 through; 19 April 2019 teases that the Khozas are torn between the matriarch and their visitors. Schumacher takes things a bit too far in an attempt to protect his ego.

When The Family Feuds

Kedibone confronts Harriet about the past. Kea and Kagiso hatch a plan to reunite the family. Schumacher shocks the Khozas.

The Banishing!

Harriet tries to get rid of her visitors. Gracious is not happy when Schumacher tells her about his new venture. Brutus learns Harriet’s dark secret.

My Mother The Devil!

Harriet forces her mother to confront her demons. Schumacher embarrasses himself.

Bait and Switch

Gracious pulls some strings to change Schumacher’s life. Harriet is shocked when her mother turns against her, again. Kea announces that she is leaving.