The sins of the father to haunt Lucious on Empire


empire_keyart_tuneinEpisode 10 (29/04)


When the family gathers to work through Andre’s issues with a music therapist, a key figure is missing from the hospital visit. On the eve of the company going public, Lucious tells Vernon how he wants to proceed personally and professionally, and also lets him know just what he thinks of his recent actions. Jamal confides in Ryan his thoughts about Lola, while Malcolm has his own confidential talk with Cookie. Camilla’s role in Hakeem’s career causes Lucious to take severe action. After falling into bad habits, Vernon runs into Olivia and her violent boyfriend Reg, and soon the both of them are dragged into Lucious’ orbit. With papers ready to be signed to make Empire public, a presence at Lucious’ house stirs an eruption of violence — and also forces a startling revelation from Lucious. Cookie soon announces to Lucious what she thinks of his secret.

Celeb cameos:

  • Grammy and Academy award winner Jennifer Hudson makes her cameo appearance in this week’s episode as Andre’s music therapist.
  • R&B super star Mary J Blige stars as Angie, Lucious’ old friend.
  • Returning cameos include Naomi Campbell as Hakeem’s girlfriend and Raven Symone as Jamal’s ex.