‘The Son I Never Knew’ cast – Meet the stars of Telemundo’s new telenovela!


One of the buzzworthy new telenovela debuting on Monday (January 23) is Telemundo’s The Son I Never Knew and we have the full cast list for you right here!

The telenovela follows a mother’s quest for the truth as a successful news anchor, Clara Zavaleta, played by Gabriela de la Garza, learns during a live broadcast that her son Ignacio (Daniel Barona) has been killed in a car accident.

After a night out with friends, Ignacio, a spirited law student, is found dead at the bottom of a cliff. After learning that her son’s death was no accident, Clara becomes obsessed with finding his killer.  What follows is a mother’s desperate attempt to find out more about the child she has lost. What Clara never imagined was that her search would lead her to learn the true identities of those who surround her.

The rest of the cast is made up of Clara’s husband Santiago (Rubén Zamora) and their two daughters, Isabel and Florencia. Santiago is a renowned criminal attorney who leads a seemingly perfect life, until he becomes the lawyer in the criminal case of his son’s murder. He is assisted by Officer Antonio Avelica (Mario Cimarro) who is considered a hero within the police force, but whose close relationship with the victim’s family takes its toll, as they venture deeper into the case.

Clara and Santiago’s eldest daughter, Isabel (Cristina Rodlo) is expecting her first child with her boyfriend, Gabriel Castro (Christian Vázquez), who happens to be the prime suspect in Ignacio’s murder case. Meanwhile, her younger sister, Florencia (Julia Urbini) is a rebellious teenager who quickly discovers that there’s a downside to being an attention seeker.

Santiago’s brother Miguel (Alejandro Caso) is a priest, whose close relationship with Ignacio and his group of friends allows him an insider’s view of exactly what happened the night of his nephew’s death. Ignacio’s girlfriend Catalina (Adriana Lumina) is one such person who Miguel wishes to find out more about. And upon discovering that Ignacio had once been unfaithful, Catalina’s jealousy gets the better of her, making her another prime suspect in the case.

Unexpected secrets emerge as the suspects of this tragic murder case multiply. Can anyone be trusted, and will Clara ever find the person who took her only son away from her?

Find out just how far a grieving mother is willing to go, in The Son I Never Knew, premiering on Tuesday, 23 January 2017 at 5:10 pm on Telemundo (DStv Channel 118).