The Throne Teasers (8-11 April 2019): Queen Mosadi receives terrible news


The Throne (Mzansi Magic) teasers and updates for the week of 8 April 2019 through; 11 April 2019 teases that Tumelo’s gardening project takes off. Queen Mosadi receives terrible news.  Lazarus is up to no good.

Hopeful Hearts!

The preparations for the cleansing ceremony are underway but multiple forces work against the cleansing of Kweneng. Queen Mosadi and Lerole’s love affair is not a secret anymore.

The Cleansing

It is the day of the cleansing and the Kweneng Kingdom is buzzing with festivities. Odirile tries to raise Sephiri’s suspicions about Mosadi and Lazarus is determined to make his business venture with Tumelo work.

The Queen’s Lover

Tumelo and Lazarus start distributing garden supplies to people. Queen Mosadi and Lerole start displaying their love publicly. Lazarus has a plan to stroke Tumelo’s ego further.