The Vow Teasers: Vidya is accused of attempting to kill Sagar


The Vow teasers,  previews, updates, episodes and spoilers for the week of 14 to 18 March 2016.

Vidya is accused of attempting to kill Sagar.

Vydia’s problems seem to grow day by day as more people in the house make her life difficult.

Heera arrives at Vydia’s in-laws’ house.

What could his intentions be?

Later Heera’s behaviour is starting to get in the way of Vydia’s newly found happiness and he reveals the truth about her in-laws.

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  1. sendoora is a snake gal…tjoe an shez boring me crc……all time shez busy planning the bad thing but shez not surviving…..oppz…!!letz watch

  2. I really adore Vydia. She is strong, i mean dealing with Sindoora’s tricks is not simple. See how Aniket has ended up.

  3. The vow is becoming really boring with sindoora constantly trying from one episode to the next, to hurt vidya and sagar, physically/emotionally/mentally and it’s going to go on for somewhat , 700+ episodes. (She manages to eventually kill the both of them, and just continues trying to keep them apart even after their reincarnation). What a bore!

  4. Sindoora is getting overrated… The vow should come up with a new storyline.

    When will it be finally revealed that Sindoora is the culprit? Her victorious plots are not exciting anymore.

    Put an end to this

  5. I don’t understand why everytime when sindoora plans her evil schemes no one hear or see her but when they speak or plan to defeat her she immediately find out…..#That’s not fair

  6. I am tired of the sindora’s trikes it makes the whole show bore the film is too long that one looses focus they need to change their patterns.

  7. So is that what you call the end sindora did not die instead vidia and sagar they are the ones who died was that the end or it will continue if that is the end then it is a bad movie

  8. I am soooo upset that the vow ended like that! Sindoooooraaaa ! She really got away with it? I hope there is a sequal, with much excitement !


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