The Walking Dead


The Walking DeadThe Walking Dead: Movie- Monday 16th March

Day: Monday 16th March

Time: 21:00

Cast: Allen Payne, Eddie Griffin, Joe Morton


In Vietnam, a squad of four African-American soldiers is deployed on a hazardous mission to rescue POWs from a remote jungle temple. Led by the fearless Sgt. Barkley (Joe Morton), the diverse group comprising impressionable young soldier Joe Brooks (Vonte Sweet), rebellious stoner Hoover Branche (Eddie Griffin), and bookish ideologue Cole Evans (Allen Payne) recount their personal experiences about how they ended up joining the Marine Corps. The film is a deep and unique inside look at the Marines of the 1st Battalion, 9th Marines also known as “The Walking Dead.” Branded with the name because of the high casualty rate during the Vietnam War. These Marines reveal their true grit and dedication to one another in this film of sacrifice and heroism.


SONY MAX airs on DStv (Channel 128)