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Weekly Plot Preview 11 – 15 May 20015

Eternal Love Ep 4-8

Ranveer arrives in London. His departure has brought more frustration than happiness in Sahiba’s house. Manmeet is adamant and refuses to allow Sahiba to have her way. Sahiba decides to take a drastic step to save herself from losing her love. Daljeet also has a problem that requires him to move to London. He and Sahiba meet again, the only way their problems could be solved is if they tie the knot. Daljeet’s feelings grow for Sahiba. Ranveer’s having a difficult time adjusting his social life in the new environment.


Laali Ep 70-74

Ratna’s engagement is underway and Shekhar has some news for the engagement party. Loha defends Mukul after hearing of his attack on Jamuni. Sideshwari swears to make Shekhar pay for hitting her. Laali is side lined by the people in the mansion. Shekhar is torn between Ratna’s health and his love for Laali. Laali discovers she is pregnant. Shekhar has to reduce Laali’s status to a maid until Ratna is married off. Sideshwari and Ratna blackmail Shekhar. Laali is adamant to put a stop to Ratna’s wedding at all cost. Sumitra realises the reason behind Ratna’s wedding.  Mukul and Ratna are shoot during their wedding celebrations. Laali is arrested for the murders. Shekhar disowns Laali at Ratna’s funeral.


Destiny Ep 8-12

Yuvraj helps Kshitij escape. Saraswati is punished for the stolen. The family has several rituals to perform before the big day arrives. Savitri’s rights are again taken by Menka. Lakshmi speaks up about the unfairness and Menka decides to leave the house. Suryakant is furious and Lakshmi sees apologizing as the only option to calm matters. Yuvraj and his friend visit a brothel to celebrate. Menka asks Yuvraj about the stolen jewellery. Lakshmi bumps into Satyakaam again. It turns out Satyakaam is the groom’s brother and the sisters realize there’s a big difference between the two. Satyakaam forces Bhavishya to tell his in laws the truth about the incident with the girl at the temple.


Married Again Ep 70-74

Bhavani brings the truth forward about the murder case to the family. Mr Sindhia does not take it well and swears to let her pay for her deeds. Aarti is shocked to see Prashant with Ansh.  Shoba is stuck between a rock and a hard place; saving her child’s life or cheating Aarti. Yet again Aarti’s attempt to free herself from lies has failed. She is shocked to find Prashant at Shoba’s house, even more, to see him in the condition he is in. Aarti confronts Shoba about letting Prashant stay with them. To her surprise Aarti shows compassion. Is Yash about to find out the truth about Aarti’s past?