Thumbs up to Comedy Central’s sexy new flat share sitcom, ‘I Live With Models’


comedycentral-logo-red-stackedMeet “Tommy” – he’s not much too look at, but he’s got the ultimate job – a hand job, to be precise… A hand job? On primetime TV? Wash your mouth out – it’s not what you’re thinking… Although he’s no oil painting, Tommy is a model – a hand model to be precise – in fact; Tommy’s hands ARE his job!

Tommy, played by David Hoffman (“Bridesmaids”, “New Girl”), is the star of Comedy Central’s sexy new flat share comedy, I Live with Models, which premieres on Comedy Central (channel 122) on Monday 18 May at 19:50 CAT.

Shot in front of a live studio audience, I Live with Models is set on the fringes of the fashion industry in Miami, and follows the everyday adventures of four naïve 20-somethings as they come face to (flawless) face with the real world.

comedy-centralTommy, it has to be said, is not your typical model – he’s a chubby barista who’s frankly a bit of a slob, with a face only a mother could love. But when Tommy’s perfect hands catapult him into the glamorous but ruthless world of modeling, he’s ready to take everything his new career throws at him.

The hard part is dealing with his new roommates. First there’s Scarlet, a tough-talking catalogue model (Brianne Howey/“Twisted”, “Horrible Bosses 2”), then there is Enrique (Eric Aragon/”The Perfect Wedding”, “Scar”), a muscled lothario, and finally Anna (Rebecca Reid/”New Girl”, “Children’s Hospital”), a neurotic catwalk diva.

Commented Evert van der Veer, Head of Comedy Central Africa, “Tommy and his modeling pals offer a fresh, funny and risqué new spin to the classic flat share sitcom while single-handedly helping Comedy Central to elevate the laughter factor to a whole new level on Monday nights.”