TLC Entertainment – April 2015 Highlights


TLCTLC Entertainment – April 2015 Highlights

From Wednesday 8 April from 20:55
The most incredible true stories from inside the busiest delivery rooms in America are brought to life in  Outrageous Births‘. These are actual first-person accounts by real obstetricians, nurses and neonatal staff, as they reveal their hands-on experiences with bizarre, mysterious and often humorous medical cases involving childbirth, labour and delivery. In the first episode, as Hurricane Sandy approaches, a pregnant woman hunkers down to ride it out, not realising that early labour will put her in the eye of the storm. Then, when a mother’s speedy delivery begins in a shopping mall parking lot, police officers mistake the birth for an assault and nearly shoot her husband as a perp.

From Thursday 16 April from 20:55
Iyanla: Fix My Life‘ features Iyanla Vanzant helping people overcome the difficulties in their lives, with each episode including personal interviews as Iyanla tries to help her guests overcome their troubling problems. Bringing a different perspective to the situation, Vanzant will help out people with a whole host of problems, such as broken families, damaging secrets, affairs that have divided loved ones, betrayal between friends and dilemmas faced by celebrities in the public gaze. In this month‘s episodes, Iyanla travels to Yonkers, New York, to visit multi-platinum rapper and actor DMX. Controversy and tensions escalate as DMX’s emotions run high. Later, Iyanla travels to Georgia to help save the fractured family of a popular radio DJ who is caught between her new husband and her 17-year-old son. Finally, secrets are revealed as Iyanla works with reality star Sheree Whitfield on her relationship with her ex-husband, former NFL star Bob Whitfield.

From Tuesday 21 April from 21:50
Nothing seems to be out of the ordinary in Rosie‘s life. But that‘s not quite the case — since she was a little girl, Rosie has had a special gift that allows her to see, hear and communicate with guardian angels.  Angels Among Us‘ follows Rosie Cepero as she makes connections with the angels, and delivers their critical messages to the people they protect. The series gives a special glimpse into the spiritual world, following people all across the USA who come to Rosie‘s farm seeking answers to unexplainable events in their lives. Some simply believe they feel a constant presence around them, others have miraculous stories of how they were protected during times of imminent death. But while every personal story is unique, the one constant is the clear voice of an angel who relies on Rosie and her promise to deliver the message.

From Tuesday 28 April from 20:55
?Leah Remini: It’s All Relative‘ is an American reality television series starring Leah Remini. It follows her day-to-day life as she takes on the roles of mother, wife and friend. The Brooklyn actress and comedian is well known for her role in hit series ?King of Queens‘, but recently her departure from the Church of Scientology has brought the spotlight into her personal life. A truly genuine character who is outspoken but warm-hearted, Leah invites viewers into her often chaotic, but consistently unpredictable world.

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