TLC’s new series ‘Married By Mom & Dad’ premieres Feb 4!


TLC Entertainment is set to release a brand new series ‘Married By Mom & Dad’ which will hit our small screens on Dstv channel 172 from Thursday,  February 4th, 2016.

The series is about people who wouldn’t want their parents involved in their relationships, let alone select their future life partners, this new reality series follows men and women who have been unlucky in love deciding to put their love lives in the hands of those who know them best – mom and dad.

Watch as these four singles undergo a brave new social experiment allowing their parents to meet and vet potential partners before meeting their chosen future spouses.

In this series we meet Mitch, a sommelier and full-time wine salesman who is sick of the dating scene in Los Angeles. Also ready for marriage is Marivic, a nurse who lives with her parents outside of New York.

She trusts that her traditional, Filipino parents will find the right person for her.

Meanwhile, Christina recently moved to Charleston to start her own travel agency and has had a difficult time dating due to her long work hours, but is ready for love.

The parents themselves will often struggle to agree entirely on prospective partners for their children and with so much at stake, will the stress of finding life partners be too much for the family unit to take?

Catch Married By Mom & Dad from Thursday, 4 February at 20:55.