‘Top Gear’ TV trailer debuts – Watch Now!


BBC Brit South Africa just released the new promo for Top Gear!

Top Gear fans have been given another look at footage from the upcoming series of Top Gear, exclusive to BBC Brit, with a new trail of Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc being welcomed to Blackpool (“the greatest city on earth”) by the Mayor in the pouring rain.

This then cuts to some of the sunnier climes the team have visited, a road trip with star guests Seasick Steve, Sharleen Spiteri and Tinie Tempah, and Chris Harris going flat out in the raucous Aston Martin Vulcan at the Abu Dhabi GP circuit.

FYI: This is the third of a number of promos being released in the run up to the show’s launch on BBC Brit soon.

Be sure to check it out below.