TRACE Urban switches it up from October 2015.

Next month, TRACE Urban introduces a brand new proudly South African hip-hop show to DStv 325 and gives the channel a complete make-over by tweaking its programming schedule to include throwback shows like Focus VS.

From October 2015 onwards, TRACE Urban will further localize its broadcasting agenda by ushering in SA Hip Hop 10, a brand new local show that will count down the latest South African hip hop tracks of our time. SA Hip Hop 10 makes its TRACE Urban debut on Tuesday 6 October 2015 at 21:00 and will continue to air on DStv channel 325 every Tuesday thereafter.

It doesn’t end there, however: TRACE Urban will be adding shows like Urban Stream and Focus VS to the musical mixing pot, giving viewers a fresh weekly dose of cutting-edge entertainment on the regular. Urban Stream, set to air every Saturday and Sunday at 16:15 will count down the world’s most streamed music videos.

Focus VS is back with a vengeance and will feature the most popular artists, both local and international, going head-to-head in an hour-long battle of the best music videos much to the delight of viewers, who are welcome to chime in and share their thoughts via social media about who they believe reigned supreme (Twitter: @TRACE_Inter/Facebook & Instagram: @tracesouthafrica).

From Monday 5 October, New will shift from its usual 8PM daily slot to 18:00 with TRACE Video Mix making a jump from 18:00 to 19:00 every Thursday from October onwards. Housebreaking makes a move from 23:00 to 19:00 every Friday from 9 October 2015, repeating on Sunday’s at 15:00. Although DYK will air at its usual 12:00 timeslot every Wednesday, the engaging artist fun fact show now repeats every Saturday at 14:00 from next month moving forward.