Travel Channel March 2015 highlights


PrintTravel Channel March 2015 highlights


Premieres on Wednesdays from 4 March at 21:00

Airshow is a brand new eight-part documentary series that takes viewers behind the scenes of the most dangerous professions on the planet – the airshow pilot. Every year more airshow pilots are killed than in any other job in the entertainment industry. To survive you must be part salesman, part stuntman, and plenty crazy! The series follows everyone from the pilots to the team owners and wing-walker Carol Pilon during the 2013 season as they face breakdowns, bad weather and each another’s egos. Sometimes it’s hard to believe there are people dying to do this job.



Premieres on Tuesdays from 24 March at 20:00

The third series of South Africa’s toughest outdoor cooking competition sees 15 teams compete to win the title of Ultimate Braai Master. The teams of two take part in an epic 70-day, 9000 km culinary road trip and face a whole new set of challenges in pursuit of the title. Beginning in the picturesque town of Witsand on the east coast of South Africa, the duos also visit Cape Colombine nature reserve, the Karoo desert, and cross the border into Namibia during their epic journey. Finally, the three remaining couples travel to the Felix Unite Round the Bend Camp on the banks of the Breede River, where one of the pairs will be named Ultimate Braai Master.


Premieres on Mondays from 9 March at 21:30

Manufactured reveals the story behind the stuff guys use every day including why it’s made, how it’s made and who makes it. In each 30-minute episode, Manufactured looks at three different creations through the inventor’s story, designs and prototypes and finally to the factory floor where the workers explain how the product is made. From a royal toilet to the Stetson cowboy hat to the iconic Fender Stratocaster, Manufactured tells the story of great products that every man should have.



Premieres on Thursdays from 12 March at 20:00

Who knows what secrets are hidden behind the walls of the world’s most impressive castles, mansions and manor houses? In Mysteries at the Castle, viewers are invited into these incredible homes to hear the remarkable, strange and bizarre stories of the people who once lived there. Along the way we travel to New York to visit Bannerman’s Castle, the centre of an explosive tale of greed and betrayal, stop off at Bran Castle in Transylvania, where the legend of a bloodthirsty prince inspired one of literature’s most spine-chilling stories, and visit the remnants of Nottingham Castle, whose fabled hero continues to inspire each generation.