Tumisho Masha joins Scandal


The famous Tumisho Masha is set to appear on Scandal tonight. It will be his first debut on the soapie.

Scandal is an etv popular soapie. He will be playing the role of Hector Thebe, Naledi’ s father.
Thebe is a very civilized and mysterious businessman.

It is not yet known what kind of character is that of Thebe. However, some believe that the character is introduced to shift focus, whilst other are of the view that the character will completely change the soapie to become a good watch.

Thebe’s daughter is a friend to Thandeka whom they go to university together. Naledi once betrayed Thandeka by sleeping with her husband known as Quinton.

So what could be the motive of Hector Thebe? Maybe he is here to instil some sense of discipline in Naledi. But what the viewers deserve to know is that, Naledi and her father are on a mission.

Watch Tumusho Masha on etv Scandal Monday to Friday at 19:30pm.