Unforseen Love (Zee World) Teasers: For 09-13 Jan 2017: What will happen this week?


Unforseen Love (Zee World) Teasers: A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on Zee World’s telenovela Unforseen Love during the week of January 09 – January 13, 2017. Be sure to tune in to Unforseen Love every weekday to see how everything plays out.

So, what will happen this week on “Unforseen Love”?

Monday 9 January 2017
Episode 80

Khushi insults Arnav. Meanwhile, Arnav becomes emotional when he reminisces about the time spent with his parents.

Tuesday 10 January 2017
Episode 81

Khushi apologizes to Arnav for her misbehaviour. How will he react? Meanwhile, Shashi reveals his doubts about Shyam to Garima.

Wednesday 11 January 2017
Episode 82

Arnav asks Khushi to leave his house. Meanwhile, Shyam learns about Shashi’s heart disease.

Thursday 12 January 2017
Episode 83

Arnav regrets his behaviour with Khushi and gets upset when she does not pitch up for work.

Friday 13 January 2017
Episode 84

Arnav learns to apologize for his rudeness. Meanwhile, Shashi’s suspicion grows when he learns about Shyam’s absence from court.

Unforseen Love airs on Glow TV from Mondays to Fridays at 21h30.