Universal Channel February 2015 highlights


Universal ChannelUniversal Channel February 2015 highlights


Thursdays from 19th February at 20:00

Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) has had a tough time of it since she first came to the strange town of Haven, and this fifth season promises more than just the customary quota of Troubles. This new season sees Audrey once again suffering from acute identity issues, and Nathan and Duke struggling to thwart her alter ego’s sinister plans. Not only that, but the town is afflicted by a terrible new Trouble – and Duke suspects he might be to blame.



Mondays at 20:50. Season finale on 9th February


The new Librarians have enjoyed a whirlwind ride since they were recruited into the secret organisation which keeps the world’s magic in check, and this month it comes to an end – for now. First, they’re off to a small town where a missing persons case turns into what might be a battle against an alien invasion. And in the gripping conclusion to the season, Baird finds herself falling through a series of alternate realities with only one constant – her own doom. Does any possible world offer an escape route?



Double bills on Wednesdays from 20:00


This month’s episodes of the long-running investigative drama include its landmark 300th episode, in which the squad investigates a child’s kidnapping. Belzer and Benson are reminded of a similar crime in the same area 13 years before (as seen in the show’s original pilot) – are the two cases linked? SVU is no stranger to famous faces among its guest stars, and this month’s cast includes Tom Sizemore, Scott Bakula, Elliot Gould and Patricia Arquette.






Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th February from



Universal Channel is all about captivating characters, and this month the spotlight is on the channel’s most charming leading men. Irascible medic Gregory House might not be one of life’s ladykillers, but the eight episodes in the first of these special weekend stunts remind us that Hugh Laurie’s rugged diagnostic genius has its fair share of admirers, on screen as well as off. The first mini-marathon kicks off with Cuddy admitted to hospital, and House concerned that he may not be the boyfriend she needs.






Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th February from 16:40

The star of Valentine’s weekend is hunky Sam Hanna (LL Cool J), the ex-Navy SEAL who plays an integral – and muscly – role in the NCIS: Los Angeles team. These episodes see him rubbing shoulders with the Hollywood elite during the investigation into an officer’s death, striving to rescue a Navy commander’s daughter from an abductor who may be a serial killer, and presumed dead in Sudan after an undercover mission goes horribly wrong. Fans will hope that his winning smile shines on.



Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd February from 16:40


Simon Baker’s smooth, perceptive Thomas Jane takes centrestage this weekend, with cases including going undercover as a client of a dating agency in order to prove a hunch: was Erica Flynn, the attractive young widow of the firm’s murdered CEO, behind his killing? Of course, the chemistry between the two is sufficient that in the next episode he has her temporarily released from prison to help him investigate another case!



Saturday 28th February and Sunday 1st March from 16.40

Charlie’s passing may have been hard to take, but just as handsome young billionaire Walden Schmidt (Ashton Kutcher) helped Charlie’s distraught brother Alan to move on, so he’s proved adept at easing the pain for many female viewers. These episodes see him deploying the same charms to great effect, whether it’s convincing his ex-wife Bridget to give him another chance, or inadvertently achieving similar success with Alan’s ex-wife Judith.