Universal Channel March 2015 highlights


Universal ChannelUniversal Channel March 2015 highlights



Tuesdays at 20:00 from 3 March

Zaniness is woven into the fabric of this unfailingly inventive detective show, and the eighth and final season kicks off in characteristically offbeat fashion. Summoned to London by Interpol, Shawn (James Roday) and his pal Gus (Dulé Hill) find themselves steered away from a Harry Potter convention and into

Guy Ritchie territory to help take down local tough-nut Ronnie Ives (Vinnie Jones). Needless to say, viewers can also expect more runins with interim chief Harris Trout (Anthony Michael Hall) the moment they’re back on US soil. And what other show would remake one of its old episodes just for the fun of it?




Mondays at 20:00 from 2 March

Kinship is the common theme in this collection of NCIS episodes, which delve into the regulars’ backgrounds to bring a personal dimension to each case in turn. McGee’s maternal grandmother turns out to have a top-secret past, while another investigation sees Gibbs and Fornell’s mutual ex-wife Diane reappear on the scene. Later, Tony’s father can’t for the life of him remember why there’s a dead body in the boot of his car, while Jimmy has fatherin- law trouble on a hectic Christmas Eve. Later still, during the course of a murder hunt the finger of guilt points at Director Vance’s brother-in-law.



Sundays at 20:00 from 22 March

Country cops DCI John Barnaby (Neil Dudgeon) and DC Charlie Nelson (Gwilym Lee) have probably begun to dream of retiring to the comparative peace and quiet of the inner city. Plunged into another round of rural whodunnits, they find their investigative skills challenged by the death of a local artist and the theft of a priceless manuscript – could there be a connection? And then as soon as they get to the bottom of that one, they’re faced with working out who would benefit from bumping off the big wheel behind the Lower Crosby Folk Festival. Sit back and see if you can piece together the clues and wrap up the mystery before they do.



Fridays at 20:00

It’s action all the way on Friday nights with a line-up of movies new to Universal Channel for which phrases like ‘high octane’ and ‘pulse-pounding’ might have been coined. First up, Steven Seagal sets out to rescue his kidnapped daughter in Shadow Man (6 March). Then Jean-Claude Van Damme must board the Death Train (13 March) in order to foil a terrorist plot, while Hidden Agenda (20 March) sees former federal agent Jason Price (Dolph Lundren) risk being riddled with bullets when he takes on a

witness protection job. And finally it’s back to Steven Seagal for The Patriot (27 March) – can he prevent a rebel militia from releasing a deadly virus?



Saturdays at 20:00

The common theme of ‘starting over’ – a tricky undertaking at the best of times – unites this bunch of unashamedly romantic offerings. In the channel premiere of Honeymoon for One (21 March) ad exec Eve (Nicolette Sheridan) finds out her fiancé has been cheating. Bravely, she turns their planned Irish honeymoon into a solo trip – but with unexpected consequences. In Fixing Pete (7 March), also new to Universal Channel, journalist Ashley (Brooke Burns) must oversee the makeover of a boorish sports writer in order to land a plum editorial role. Also riding the rollercoaster of romance are Catherine Zeta-Jones in The Rebound (28 March) and Heather Locklear in Flirting with Forty (14 March).