UZALO CAST: Khumbulani “Kay” Sibiya as Ayanda Mdletshe on Uzalo


uzalo4Born to Zandile and Melusi Mdletshe, Ayanda was accidentally switched at birth while in hospital by the nurses. Even though his blood is that of the Xulu’s, no one has any idea of the grave mistake committed all those years ago.

Ayanda was raised in church, but never had much of a feeling for it, he wanted something different ever since he was a baby, and would sneak out of church now and again. He feels stifled by the expectations of the church and his family on him.

His passion, love and ear for music makes him a producing genius, he also DJs on the side and he is really good, his parents however don’t support him in this. They tolerate it because of how much he loves it but they see it as a phase.

One of Ayanda’s biggest wounds is that he doesn’t possess a singing voice, something that his father has – and so he cannot be a part of the church choir, which is his father’s greatest accomplishment.

But he has a plan, Ayanda has studied the South African musical landscape – he knows that gospel music is well supported and has longevity. His plan is to use the choir to gain entry into the music industry, a record deal, fame and acclaim.

Growing up in this church context has weighed on Ayanda heavily. He has always felt emasculated in this world where everything is decided for him, his friends, what he does with his time, how he dressed and even what he believes. He longs to break free, to be a man and prove to his dad that he is a man worthy of his respect and regard.


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