UZALO CAST: Nompilo Maphumulo as Nosipho Xulu on Uzalo


uzalo3She grew up as the only girl in the family – beautiful and protected. Because of the nature of the work that her family is involved in, a lot was kept from her and she grew up feeling shut out and excluded.

She has never been seen as strong enough to handle the grown folk business of the family.

This has made her extremely perceptive; there is nothing that goes unnoticed. Because information was never given to her, she had to learn to find it herself and employ various tactics to do it.

This has made her a great reader of people and situations; to the point that those around her feel she has a gift of sorts.

She has a good heart and is often the first to give a kind and encouraging word to those who need it in her life, but she uses the same skills to manipulate people and get out of situations exactly what she wants.

She is very close to her brother and more than anyone she sees his complicated feelings and melancholy and although she can do little to help, she is always available to him and looking out for him.


Uzalo is on SABC1 Mondays to Wednesdays at 20h30.