Uzalo July 2015 Teasers


uzaloUzalo July 2015 Teasers – Coming up on Uzalo this July 2015:

Wednesday 1 July 2015
Episode 63

The Mdletshe’s are caught between a rock and a hard place where Nkosinathi is concerned. Something terrible happens to Nombuso.

Xulu makes Mkhonto his partner as a sign of peace and reconciliation – to get closer to him so he can get him arrested. GC is found with crushed peanuts in his pocket.

Monday 6 July 2015
Episode 64

Xulu is stunned as ancestors refuse to acknowledge Mxolisi. Pastor Mdletshe’s back is against the wall as Nkosinathi’s life-threatening situation worsens and the bills pile up.

The choir is desperate to win the competition, but nervous with Nombuso’s absence. GC defends himself against poisoning Nombuso but everyone turns their back on him.

Manzuza refuses the only chance that could take her son out of the coma. Xulu is confused as to why his ancestors would not acknowledge his son.

Tuesday 7 July 2015
Episode 65

MaNgcobo fears they are cursed after the troubles at Mxolisi’s ceremony. The Mdlethe’s are told to either give Nkosinathi the Cambien injection or prepare to switch off the machines. Mkhonto is missing.

Xulu nearly bludgeons an intruder to death. Ayanda gives the choir an inspiring pre-competition speech. GC forces his way back onto the choir. Mdletshe authorises the doctor to give Nkosinathi the injection without Manzuza’s knowledge.

Wednesday 8 July 2015
Episode 66

GC forces his way into the taxi transporting the choir to the competition. Xulu is a nervous wreck. Ayanda says his final emotional goodbye to his parents before heading to the competition.

The Kingdom of Canaan Church Choir cannot seem to find their star singers. Despair sets in backstage. Manzuza fights tooth and nail as Pastor Mdletshe holds her back and tells her it’s time to let go.

Mkhonto is emotional, intoxicated and very, very angry. Xulu finds Mkhonto in his office, gun in hand, pointing it at Xulu.

Monday 13 July 2015
Episode 67

A furious Mkhonto holds Xulu at gun point. The choir returns victorious. Nombuso chooses between the two men after her heart. The news of Nkosinathi waking reaches Xulu. Just when the Mdletshe’s celebrate having their son back, they suffer another set-back.

Tuesday 14 July 2015
Episode 68

The Mdletshe’s receive bad news about Nkosinathi’s health. Pastor Mdletshe and Manzuza find out who attacked their son. Ayanda has some news for the choir. Mxolisi does something that angers his father.

The salon gang celebrates their new found celebrity status. Smangele and Mkhonto meet. Smangele discovers Mkhonto’s gun and she flees. Ayanda hooks up with a random girl.

Wednesday 15 July 2015
Episode 69

The doctor informs the Mdletshe family that may need to prepare themselves for some major changes in their lives. Romance seems to be sweeping two Xulu men off their feet while the married Xulu lands in hot water when MaNgcobo discovers something disturbing.

Monday 20 July 2015
Episode 70

MaNgcobo can’t handle that Xulu would hurt a child as young as Nkosinathi. Xulu receives frightening news from a trusted friend. Nkosinathi makes a call to someone after Xulu’s threat.

Mxo faces a lot of curiosity about his father from the choir. Mxo unwittingly blocks Ayanda from making a move on Nombuso.

Tuesday 21 July 2015
Episode 71

Mamlambo brings muti for Xulu saying he’s in danger. Mxolisi demands Xulu tell him when he’ll be let out of the crime business. Dhlomo questions Xulu about Nkosinathi’s assault.

Manzuza is disturbed by Pastor Mdletshe’s statement that Xulu needs to be taught a lesson and blames him for not doing enough to protect Nkosinathi.

After a thoroughly enjoyable night, Ayanda sees his booty call off. Ayanda brings his booty call to the house and Nombuso is not impressed. Mxolisi realises that his father has no intention of letting him out of the family business.

Wednesday 22 July 2015
Episode 72

Xulu tells Mxolisi that he used to go to bed hungry. Pastor Mdletshe buys a gun. Mamlabo and Xulu meet to discuss something very important. Mkhonto and Smangele fight.

Monday 27 July 2015
Episode 73

Mamlambo upsets Xulu and he storms out. Xulu and Mxolisi are involved in a car crash. Ayanda is in hospital. Pastor Mdletshe reaches for his gun.

Tuesday 28 July 2015
Episode 74

Mangcobo receives bad news in the middle of the night. Xulu might be dead. Mastermind holds back the tears.

Nombuso eyes a suspicious looking cupboard after a suspicious Pastor Mdletshe hides a gun in it. Dhlomo wonders why no one can tell or place Mkhonto’s whereabouts at the time Xulu’s car was being hammered with bullets.

Wednesday 29 July 2015
Episode 75

Nkosinathi is pleased to hear about the death of Xulu. Mangcobo and Mamlambo don’t see eye-to-eye. Police have no leads on the death of Xulu. Nombuso kisses Ayanda. Mastermind is hopping mad, convinced Pastor Mdletshe killed Xulu.

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