Uzalo Teasers – April 2015


uzaloUzalo Teasers – April 2015  – Coming up on Uzalo (SABC1) this April 2015:

Wednesday 1 April 2015
Episode 24 

Mxolisi is proud to hear his father tell him that he is willing to let go of the crime business and go the legitimate route, but he has one condition: they have to deliver one last order, the biggest deal they have ever received.

Muzi is thrown back when Mxolisi tells him he wants to oversee the transaction personally. Nkule tells Ayanda that she is in love with him – she has been feeling this way for him for a while and if it were up to her, things wouldn’t have happened as they did.

Sis Diana warns Ayanda: she knows what she and Nkule did. He better not hurt Nkule or he will have her (Diana) to deal with. Mastermind is appalled at Sma’s outburst when asked to talk about sex with Amandla. She reveals that it is not the same as having spoken to her about something she has experienced, like having her period. She can’t talk sex when she is a virgin herself.

Sindisiwe is nervous about meeting with Nothando’s daughter after her passing, hoping she will not get blamed for the death of the old woman, but it is good news for her as Zandile recognizes the faces of the women in the photograph Nothando’s daughter called her to give to her. There is a link. She needs now to find the Julia woman.

Monday 6 April 2015
Episode 25

Mxolisi will stop at nothing to be part of the international deal before they stop the crime business. Muzi is blown away to learn about Lindiwe’s decision to endorse their son Mxolisi’s involvement in the international deal. Lindiwe does not know what she has just done.

Ayanda tells Nkule that the best way to move forward in their ordeal is to officialise their friendship to the next level, a proper relationship. Nosipho sees a post on social media about the event Ayanda is planning on having at the Tshisanyama. He is nervous about Muzi finding this out.

Amandla raises the topic of sex to Nkosinathi. Everyone at school is getting some. Nkosi assures Amandla that she needs not feel pressured. Zandile watches them with a smile on her face and can’t help but notice what a cute little couple they make.

The Matron gives Sindi a call following the report she got about Norman sexually harassing her. Sindi uses this opportunity to ask for the matron’s assistance with information about a nurse who worked at the hospital some years back. The Matron asks to see Sindi for her testimony which in return she will receive assistance for.

Tuesday 7 April 2015
Episode 26

While Muzi worries about the jeopardy that could be endured as a result of Mxolisi’s lack of Criminal Intelligence, Mastermind is excited about the new car deal but knows little of Muzi’s intention to involve Mxo in the deal.

Zandile’s biggest concern is Ayanda dating Nkule as she worries about how he might treat poor Nkule. Melusi is hopeful that this relationship could make a better person out of Ayanda, unaware that Ayanda is on the verge of doing against his father’s will.

Sindi finally gets hold of Julia, a woman who worked with her mother and could possibly give her more answers to her questions. But to her shock, Julia tells her to never call her again just a split second before hanging up on her. Sindi is deflated.

Sma’s anxiety to have the sex conversation with Amandla dies out when to her relief, Amandla divulges that her and Nkosinathi had already spoken about sex and their verdict was to wait until they are both ready.

Wednesday 8 April 2015
Episode 27

Lindiwe is pleased to hear that Mxolisi is “in” but she is a tad fearful for her son. Muzi takes Mxolisi to a sangoma for protection for their criminal undergoings, and they learn about the outstanding ancestral rituals that need be performed for Mxolisi but Muzi brushes this off spasmodically.

Nkule is struck by her accidental discovery of the major gig that Ayanda will be doing at the ShisaNyama and she doesn’t understand why she wasn’t told. Meanwhile, Muzi hits the roof when he learns this. Ayanda is disappointed when Nkule announces that, to her regret, she will not be making his gig.

Muzi gate crashes Ayanda’s little party and spoils the fun but Ayanda finally manages to get through him as he introduces him to the crowd, shining the spotlight on Muzi as he sings praises to him, the crowd is impressed and Muzi relents. Well played Ayanda!

Sindi feels her world crumbling as she questions what it is that her mother has done to the world so much that not one of her links is willing to help her. She feels her mother’s indiscretion must have been really hectic in her times. Zandile comforts her.

Monday 13 April 2015
Episode 28

Mastermind and Mabuza voice their opinions about Mxolisi being in charge and how they lack faith in his leadership skills. Mabuza shuts them up – he does not pay them to be opinionated. Mxolisi deals with Mastermind’s issue against him and Lindi explains to him the reasons MM is so territorial about Muzi.

Ayanda is caught between Nkule’s concern regarding their sacrifice of a friendship for what seems to be an improper relationship, and having to apologize for having lied about Muzi agreeing with him doing the gig.

Sindisiwe has an outburst. She feels she has been too much of a burden in Melusi and Zandile’s home and it is all in the name of a so called truth she is nowhere near finding out anything about. She thinks it is about time she just up and left, back home!

Tuesday 14 April 2015
Episode 29

With Mxo finally on the team, Muzi and his team decide to go on with the plan, the criminal pursuit of 13 cars enlisted on their “to-do’s”. But before they proceed, Mxo rids himself of his good side and Mabuza is tasked to find some dirt that can be used to eliminate Dlomo from the picture.

Ayanda apologizes to Sis Diana and his bouquet or flowers soften her. His sincere apology also earns him Muzi’s forgiveness and permission to deejay at the ShisaNyama from now on. Nkule is taken away by Ayanda’s sincere heart-felt apology and she forgives him. Everyone is pleased.

Zandile talks to Sindi about her irrational epiphany to go back home. She offers her help, maybe Sindi should stay a few more days before giving up so easily. While Sindi seems blatantly adamant about discontinuing her search for more information, Julia is in need of her contacts. It is clear she has a lot of important things from the past to divulge to Sindi.

Wednesday 15 April 2015
Episode 30

Mabuza admits he has been caught out by Dlomo but he makes up a lie about why he was trying to find things out about the man – Dlomo buys the story.

Meanwhile, Muzi, Mxo and Mastermind need to help Mabuza find a way to send Dlomo into a trap – one that leads him straight to the altar of criminality. Whatever it takes. A disgruntled employee of Muzi’s is the better suited candidate for this.

While helping Nkosinathi clean the church, Amandla collapses and everyone is in major panic. She is taken to hospital and is admitted to stay overnight. Worried, Sma admits that Amandla has collapsed before, once but she can barely recall what the diagnosis was. Everyone is worried about her.

The optimism of Sindi when Zandile offers to go to Julia with her, is reinvigorated. But when they arrive, an overly eager-to-assist Julia has a heart attack at the sight of Zandile and hearing her name. It is clear that she is majorly affected by the past that Zandile’s name carries for her.

Monday 20 April 2015
Episode 31

Mastermind confesses to an annoyed Xulu that the reason that Sbu wanted to kill him was because Mastermind told him that he will divulge to Xulu that he is a snitch. So Sbu’s plan was to get rid of him.

Manzuza and Pastor Mdletshe deal with the devastation of what happened. Sindisiwe’s death. Pastor Mdletshe. The congregation is gathered in shock and they see Sindisiwe lying in a pool of her own blood. Devastation is spread across the community.

Sbu flees the scene. He vanishes into the veld.

Tuesday 21 April 2015
Episode 32

Xulu is gobsmacked when his wife tells him about her uncertainty of him being able to protect the family. She insinuates that Xulu failed to protect them. The bullet was aimed at him. It was just as close to ending up in the chest of her or her children. She feels that Xulu has failed his manly duties.

Pastor Mdletshe is hurt by his discovery that Sindisiwe was shot not only when she was just an innocent girl, but she was an orphan too. He is hurt by his knowledge that she didn’t belong. They have no record of any relatives updated.

Smangele is shocked to learn that Xulu has fired Mastermind and she worries about how he’s gonna support the family – the money she makes at the salon is not a lot. Mastermind tells Smangele not to worry, he will make a plan.

Wednesday 22 April 2015
Episode 33

Mamdabe tells Nosipho and Mxolisi that they have to go to the church meeting. It is about their safety. She feels that the family were also victims along with Sindisiwe. During the sermon Pastor Mdletshe preaches about the misfortunes that crime brings to their community.

Xulu pledges a lot of money for Sindi’s death and Melusi is unimpressed with Xulu’s fake empathy stunt. Xulu is stunned when Mastermind returns. He is angry with him and ready to kill but Mastermind tells him that he has found Sbu. Xulu’s face lights up with excitement. Finally he will be able to make Sbu pay for what he did.

Monday 27 April 2015
Episode 34

Xulu acts surprised when Dlomo interrogates him about the killing of Sbu. Dlomo tells Sbu he knows the game he is playing. Xulu acts as if it is the first time he is hearing of this, pretending to be rattled. He thinks of Mastermind now.

Manzuza corners Ayanda. Manzuza feels as if Ayanda is shutting her out. Dlomo believes that the files he has might help track down a family friend who was considered a family member to Sindisiwe, Mangena. Mdletshe sees this as a positive thing for Sindisiwe’s family, with the hopes that they could find more links to her relatives.

Mastermind holds a gun to an old man’s head and asks him about Sbu. The man tries to hide the truth but Mastermind is persistent.  The old man confesses that he found the phone in the veld, as if someone threw it away. Mastermind knows Sbu is gone.

Tuesday 28 April 2015
Episode 35

Xulu is surprised to see the commotion outside his office and as he steps out he sees the new suv that Mastermind has brought fourth. It is his peace offering, to replace the one they missed out on last time. Mastermind is not sure that Xulu will accept the peace offering.

Pastor Mdletshe looks at some of Sindisiwe’s files and he looks into the documents and reads the information. Ayanda walks in and Pastor Mdletshe tells him to pursue whatever his dreams and aspirations are. Ayanda is inspired. Nkule talks to Sis Diana about the bash that Ayanda was organizing.

Nkule is forced to tell Sis Diana that Ayanda has not managed to secure Big Nuz. Sis Diana tells Nkule to tell him that the bash is off.

Wednesday 29 April 2015
Episode 36

Mdletshe and Xulu have a big show down. Mdletse makes it clear to Xulu that his stunt was not enough to pay for the price of a life lost. He can’t use money to stay absolved. Mdletshe tells Xulu to never set foot in his church.

Ayanda is thrilled when Zakes Bantwini watches him perform at the ShisaNyama and he walks over to him to tell him that he thinks he is amazing. He would like Ayanda to work with him. Ayanda is swept off of his feet.

Manzuza is going through Sindisiwe’s belongings. She is trying to find something but when she hears a noise she stops searching. Clearly she is doing something wrong. Smangele and GC talk about why the church was empty and they are shocked to learn of Ayanda’s performance at the ShisaNyama.

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