Uzalo Teasers: March 2016


Uzalo Teasers: March 2016. The upcoming episodes for Uzalo will features Nkosinathi, Mondli, Dhlomo, Mxolisi, Smangele, Mastermind, Ayanda, Nozipho, Manzuza, Mamlambo, Zakhele and other popular characters.

Listed below are Uzalo Teasers for March 2016…

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Tuesday 01 March 2016
Episode 11

Nkosinathi’s phone brings some attention to the panel beaters. The search continues for Nkosinathi, with all these leads coming in, are Dhlomo and Mondli getting any closer or are they just chasing wild goose? Mamlambo shocks Ayanda with her interpretation of Manzuza’s last dream.

Wednesday 02 March 2016
Episode 12

Manzuza pleads with Mangcobo to tell her where her son is. Manzuza breaks down when she is told that Nkosinathi could be dead. Mondli is heavy on the back of Nkosinathi’s killers. Samukelisiwe continues to be a harsh thorn on MaNzuza’s side.

Monday 07 March 2016
Episode 13

Manzuza confronts Dhlomo, accusing him of giving up on Nkosinathi. The Mdletshe’s are concerned about MaNzuza. Mangcobo is rattled as the last of the panel beaters quit. Her financial situation is deteriorating fast. Then… A stranger comes to town. What does Zakhele have in store for us?

Tuesday 08 March 2016
Episode 14

Dhlomo calls off the investigation on Nkosinathi’s case. Manzuza is devastated. Ayanda, eager to move on after Nkosinathi’s disappearance, decides to organize a memorial service. Mangcobo gets closer and closer to Zakhele – she’s clearly smitten.

Wednesday 09 March 2016
Episode 15

Manzuza discovers something that pushes her over the edge, causing her to throw out one of her sons. Dhlomo meets a prisoner that he helped put behind bars. An old friend lets MaNgcobo in on a secret he’s been keeping inside, but she has other ideas.

Monday 14 March 2016
Episode 16

Ayanda tries to adjust to being outcast by Manzuza but struggles. Mangcobo seems to be planning to make a deal with the devil much to the shock and horror of Mxolisi and Nosipho. Smangele has a burning desire to revive the choir.

Tuesday 15 March 2016
Episode 17

Nosipho approaches Ayanda about making efforts to be part of the family. Smangele realizes that getting the choir on track will be a lot harder than she initially thought. Mxolisi is suspicious of Zakhele and his intentions in the car theft business. Mxolisi is tired of being smothered by Manzuza.

Wednesday 16 March 2016
Episode 18

Zakhele and MaNgcobo are successful in their first job. This brings them closer together. Ayanda and MaNzuza reach an understanding. Smangele meets people that could change her life. She can’t wait to share the news with Thobile and GC.

Monday 21 March 2016
Episode 19

Manzuza believes the search is over, she has finally found her son. Mangcobo receives some heart breaking news from prison. Smangele promises Mamlambo a big surprise involving the choir.

Tuesday 22 March 2016
Episode 20

Smangele finds out that the Jaziel Brothers have left for Joburg. She then lies to Mamlambo about her plans. Manzuza wants a DNA test done on the boy she believes to be her son.

Wednesday 23 March 2016
Episode 21

Mxolisi worries about Manzuza as she continues her denial around Nkosinathi’s disappearance. GC can’t believe Smangele hooked up with the Jaziel Brothers. Mondli tells Captain Mthimkhulu he can take on the Xulus and Zakhele without Dhlomo.

Monday 28 March 2016
Episode 22

MaNzuza finally accepts Nkosinathi is gone. The Mdletshe prepares for Nkosinathi’s funeral. Bandile is arrested for the murder of Nkosinathi. Smangele’s choir surprise backfires as her secret finally catches up with her. Mamlambo is convinced that Nkosinathi’s funeral is just the tip of the iceberg…

Tuesday 29 March 2016
Episode 23

The Mdletshes have a big surprise waiting for them when they get to the hospital, which raises a lot of questions. Mxolisi and MaNgcobo fight over how the situation with Bandile’s arrest should be handled.

Wednesday 30 March 2016
Episode 24

Mxolisi pushes Mangcobo to let Bandile take the fall. Manzuza accepts that Bandile killed Nkosinathi. The Jaziel Brothers have good news for Smangele.

Uzalo is on SABC1 Mondays to Wednesdays at 20h30.


  1. Uzalo is not fair cz we wont see gxabhashe again mxm i will never watch uzalo i will tune the tv into n watch gold diggers

  2. We really need Xulu on uZalo otherwise we r not gonna watch it. Zalo without Xulu will be boring u will lose lot of people.

  3. We all knw that the man z so hard to work with…but believe u me there z no uzalo without him….#BringBackGxhabashe or change him then..put sumbody lyk menzi in his charector

  4. If there is no Gxabhashe then that means u guys have failed the audians o the fan. Are u aware that if u lose Gxabhashe u have lost the sours of you stew which is UZALO?

  5. Some tyms I feel like quit watching uzalo because our best actors a getting fired, we don’t know who will be fired after gxabhashi

  6. ayeye lindiwe xulu has it for another guy…i wonder wht xhabashe will say when he finds out!!!manzuza is having a hard time hle bathong,wer is her husband?

  7. Uzalo without Gxabhashe is boring and Mangcobo is irritating me…. I wonder how will Mxolisi live with the guilt of killing his one and only brother..poor maNzuza

  8. I want paster Mdletshe senior and Xulu senior back so that they fix their baby switch thing. Fire Mangcobo she’s so dirty that woman.

  9. i love uzalo but without Gxabhashe im going to lose interest and go back to watch Isibaya and really with Gxabhashe, Mdletshe ,Mastermind,Mabuza, guys its no longer be interesting Zalo is going to lose fans if the producer doesnt fix this problem and bring back our main actors.

  10. can you guys sort this uzalo thing just replace Gxabhashe maybe with someone else but it looks like when you guys started this soapie you were not thinking straight,cause this new things at uzalo will be bored so you going to lose more people to watch can you think and start afresh with everything.Nomatter how Gxabhashe was doing just give him last chance hes the one making uzalo super so please dont make this soapie bored as it is now….

  11. I like Uzalo but without Gxbhashe is not going to be the same. My suggestion is that, why don’t you hire someone else who is going to play his role if you feel that the original one gives you problems. At least don’t kill character because it the one which makes Uzalo very interesting. Again I wish you could bring back Moruti Mdleshe to see his son Mxolisi. I hope that Uzalo one day is going to be from Monday to Friday. Uzalo it is a very interesting story and it is loved by many people. I never miss even one episode. Writers of Uzalo please keep on writing the story I hope it will not come to an end. YOU ARE DOING GOOD JOB.

    • Bring back Gxabhashe because the swapping of the boys won’t make any different now that mdletshe and Gxabhashe are gone.The fact that he is big headed is a normal situation.In every work place there is somebody like that and those people are the most performing ones.We cannot fire just because a person and the boss doesn’t come along.

  12. I’m also wondering how will it be without Xabhashe, he is the main character and no one can fit in his feet.

  13. Uzalo’s boss must put the viewers’ best interest first not his personal interest first. if they have personal issues with “uGxabhashe” ,it shouldn’t affect the smooth flow of the soapy,bring Gxabhashe back!

  14. u zalo will never be the same without Gxabhashe and if the producers don’t do something they will lose more views. uZalo is uGxabhashe

    • Yeah Uzalo is now boring. On my side I wish Manzuza is happy with her 2 sons Mxolisi and Nkosinathi not this crazy thing of Nkosinathi’s death ,in short they is no Uzalo without Mxolisi,Ayanda,Nkosinathi, Xulu, Manzuza,Mangcobo and Mamlambo.. It so boring me now

  15. Uzalo is becoming very boring, Nonsipho, Amandla and Nkosinath all dead so who’s next on the line. And now Mr Xulu fired!! Ohh pliz do something at least bring back Xulu. NO XULU NO UZALO!!

  16. ah uzalo is boring nowadays we loose all the best actors unreplaceable it was nombuso fine accepted that then after amandla within a blink of an gxabhashe n now is nkosinathi I think uzalo is loosing its taste gang kwamashu we really enjoyed uzalo but now we nolonger enjoying it please bring our stars back .

  17. Bring xuku bck n stop puting mxolisi in a mad
    Y mast evry 1 ho has 2go on uzalo must. Xulu’s famaly gat involv fst was nombuso,amandla naw is nkosinathi bai dewei whr is mastamaind

  18. Uzalo iz so boring now shame it’s better to watch Mr bean, uzalo won’t mk it to the third season we are wasting our electricity by watching it.

  19. Nkosinathi shouldn’t have been killed now,y didn’t they let them bond first before this scene of murder? Uzalo is kinda boring sometimes. Mxolisi was once a good guy he could have been a changed person after being at prison. Ai the writer is out of ideas

  20. You need to read you script before you shoot , this is not ayoba, we need the story that we can follow, if I may ask who’s the main character on uZalo and plz stop yo stratagy of killing actor course you may need them in future .

  21. Hay shame ngathi seyizo bora nje uzalo kufa abantu kuza abanye hay ngapha no gxhabashi uhambile.yaz moc yabantu makushaya isikhathi sokudlala uzalo abathi uzalo bathi gxhabashi

  22. Uzalo is boring now, please bring Mkhondo back and mastermind so we can see action in the panelbeater where in Mkhondo will start 2 steal Cars again or if not just bring Gxhabhashe no matter what it takes.

  23. Uzalo is so disappointing right about now and guys u r gonna loose viewers ***boriiiiiing just ask gxabhashe to freaken come back b4 its too late…..

  24. to be honest uzalo is fake without gxabashe I realise it now there is no plot in uzalo I dnt knw wer things go wrng it WAS used to b the bst but now hayihayi

  25. I thinks the producers should check the viewers before they fire the person who is intertaining to the sopie who made people to enjoy watching now they are loosing viewers because they think they are punishing the person and forgeting that they also punishing themselves i stoped watshing uzalo and went back to isibaya since Gxabhashe is no longer there.

  26. Yes gxabhashe Ànd pastor mdletshe made uzalo exciting but even when I don’t watch it I don’t really care like before

  27. Uzalo is not entertaining since gcabhashe left as am talking my 5 cousins are no longer watching it uzalo bring back the real gcabhashe before it too late

  28. why is manzuza always face the hard times by herself, when is mdletshe he needs to come back, and muzi must come back as well, uzalo se iya bora

  29. Uzalo must bring Gxabhashe back even if its not the one we know at least they must hire some1 whose gonna act that gxabhashe part

    • Will I love the old gxabhashe I think they should but him back he just add that much needed suspense to the show bring xulu back gu

  30. I would love to see MaNgcobo gets arrested, for all her evil deeds and please tu, Ayanda needs to go now to his own family and leave the Mdletshes alone… plzzzzzzz

  31. i would love to see muzi xulu back and as for lindiwe she is the best. zweli must be punished by muzi wen he comes back

  32. I just feel like it’s the end of the gangster business without map, mastermind, muzi and mkhonto. I am scared of Dlhomo’s helper

  33. Really its no longer nice watching uzalo without Xhabhashe, he was making people to be suspicious of the next step.Bring him back. Okwehlula amadoda kuyabikwa. Umuntu akoni kanye Bede exhoshwa kodwa uphiwa elinye ithuba. Nate uyalidinga elinye ithuba…..

  34. Uzalo plz gv our legendary actors such as V-mash,Thoko’frm ubambo lwami’ & others a chance 2 be seen on screen again……

  35. I strong bealive that Mxolisi and Mangcobo secreat must come out so Manzuza will find peace n move on with her life

  36. Cha uzalo is now boring us because it concentrate on 1 thing, when does this case of nkosinathi ends, all this month it gonna be Nkosinati’s case we are now tired about

  37. Yep uzalo has lost track totally…im no longer watching it and this nkosinathi case must jst come to an end

  38. Uzalo is boring now, really they have lost tract; Abeyenzi I research dan. police using skills of an outsider whilst the are police resources. Whereabouts of the cell phone were visible during the trace by an outsider. They did not go straight. Yhoooo boring

  39. oh ay Zalo is sooooooo boring now, u guys must up ur game now, really the disappearing of Nkosinathi been happening for more than 3 weeks now! nd there is no movement nje nigidagida endaweni eyodwa, I’m loosing interest now.. yindavindavu phela le esyibukayo.

  40. uzalo ndavundavu nje engalandeleki, mybe the zalo creators need to understand why the creat it and sokuthi isifundo esizofundwa yintsha, yingani wonke muntu kumele ahambe ngokufa at the first place sasingekho isdingo sokuthi Nkosinathi afe. manje nigidangida endaweni eyondwa nje, please the creators must find another way to make uzalo to watched again luyabora shm angisazihluphi nje ngalo

  41. Disappeared Nkosinathi that part is enough now . It would be great if Gxabhashe is showed again . Thanks to team Uzalo great grama.

  42. Without gxhabhashe uzalo is not completely complete its either to replace him with someone else and whose bandile by the way

  43. The writers -you flopped your story how can Bandile take a fall for that t-shirt? Really the place has been searched before by Dlomo. Why bring in a new character and just put him through the Xulu’s dirty mud. Poor Bandile .
    Uzalo Please dont kill anymore characters even if you are writting them off, it becames boring for us vievers!??

  44. Mxm this thing boring without Xulu. The writers are just wasting their time because we are no longer watching Uzalo without Gxabhashe. #GXABHASHEMUSTCOMEBACK.

  45. I think its wrong that Bandile take the blame for something he didn’t do. Mxolisi n Mangcobo must go 2 jail for killing Nkosinathi

    • I think if mangcobo & mxolisi are arrested (uzalo )will be more boring than it is and they should shift the blame to someone else

  46. people let us understand what is happening to uzalo is what is happening to our communities but at the end the truth comes out. Maybe the person who is going to save Bandile is her cousin orZakhele and if is Zakhele ,is going to be easy coz he want Lindi for himself and he is doing that as soon Gxabhashe come back in jail they married already .Mxolisi is going to jail coz he is going to have fight with Zakhele and the truth is gonna come out to Lindi coz he is going to tell Zakhele what happened and Manzuza is not going to believe that she is going to take time to believe .I am assuming that im not say it is.

  47. Mxolisi and Mangcobo they are best actors in Uzalo!

    More fire Mangcobo and Mxolisi

    Bt plz try to use English so we can hear and try to understanding for wat u sayng guys

  48. Mangcobo and mxolisi must go to in a way dat mondlishould havecheched the fingerprints of the person who has last touched the t shirt before he touched it

  49. its very interesting although gxabashe is not in looking forward for the comings and doings of zakhele and lille i just wonder what will happen with nkosinathi’s body after it has been found from the panelbeater


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