Vuzu AMP unmasks the lavish lifestyle of SA’s Rich Kids


rich-kidsLiving to splurge #NiceLifeProblems! If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a member of South Africa’s young and privileged, then don’t miss the brand new reality series on Vuzu AMP – Rich Kids.

The first South African reality television show to put the spotlight on Mzansi’s well-heeled teens and twenty-somethings debuts on the DStv channel 114 on the 16th of April at 19:00. Keeping the viewers in suspense, the identities of the limelight-seeking rich kids featuring in the 10 part series are still under wraps – except for unashamed mavens of the good life – Bob and Don. The Tshwane-based brothers are polar opposites, but if there’s one thing they have in common, it’s their love for all the extravagant things that money can buy.

Introducing Bob, a calm and friendly young man – but also with a vain streak and a wallet-draining passion for fashion and designer brands. Meanwhile, Don is rebellious and endowed with a streak of confidence that can quickly turn into arrogance. As befitting a rich kid, Don is also mad about expensive sports cars.

Rich Kids is set to provide an intimate look at how young and super-wealthy spend their money – and their time. Expect partying, Instagramming, champagne, dancing, posing and even more “throw it in the bag” shopping as the camera follows the likes of Bob and Don through clubs and shopping malls, and into car showrooms and expensive restaurants.

Over and above the spending habits, Rich Kids will also show another side to the lives of the privileged; their relationships with those close to them – friends and family members – and even new people in their lives will not be off bounds.

Vuzu AMP viewers will have a front row intimate understanding of the challenges that even the wealthy face. As Notorious B.I.G once said: Mo Money, Mo Problems!

Tune into Rich Kids on Thursday, 16 April 2015 at 19:00 – only on Vuzu AMP.