Watch your favourite TLC Entertainment shows this weekend in a special catch-up stack


32466_cast_009.jpgThis coming Sunday, TLC Entertainment (DStv 172) will be offering viewers the opportunity to catch up on some of their favourite shows

Its good news for TLC fans! Spend this Sunday, 22 February from 14:55 – 23:00 with the channel (DStv 172) as they premiere a back-to-back special line-up of some of your TLC favourite shows.

Viewers can look forward to the full season of ALASKAN WOMEN LOOKING FOR LOVE which will air from 14:55 – 20:00, followed by episodes of LITTLE AND LOOKING FOR LOVE from 20:25-20:55. The bizarre yet intriguing MAN WITH THE WORLD’S BIGGEST TESTICLES will premiere from 21:20 – 21:50 ending off with another fan-favourite, BUYING NAKED at 22:15.


Friends Tina, Jenny, Sabina, Heather, Lacey and Haley are six native Alaskan women looking for love. Fed up of with their limited options of men consumed by fishing and hunting, sporting long hair and scruffy beards they have set their sights on the bronzed beauties of Miami, in Alaskan Women Looking For Love. These ladies leave the safety and security of their homes and travel 5,000 miles in search of adventure and their perfect match. Determined, the women get jobs, scour the beaches and risk everything to fit in and find suitors but they quickly discover that they are fish out of water. From fire-fighters and football players to personal trainers and policemen, will they find the man of their dreams? Or is Miami too big for them to handle.



In ‘Little Looking For love’, 19-year-old Hannah faces ordinary challenges with an extraordinary condition. She is a primordial dwarf and only 39 inches tall. She dreams of becoming a professional singer and dancer, but Hannah’s future is uncertain as very few primordials live beyond 30 years. Hannah must navigate every-day life and confront teenage issues with exceptional strength and limitless passion. Will Hannah’s crush ask her to prom? Will she find the perfect dress in her size? Will she graduate high school? This documentary is an intimate portrait of the life of a girl with an unusual condition facing normal issues, as she journeys through the tumultuous and THE MAN WITH THE WORLD’S BIGGEST TESTICLES(1)sometimes heart-breaking rites of adolescence.



Wesley Warren Jr is an American man, resident of Las Vegas, Nevada, who has attracted worldwide attention for his problems with scrotal elephantiasis, which caused his scrotum to grow to weigh more than 160 pounds (73 kg) and hang down between his ankles. After launching a campaign to raise the money for an operation to resolve the problem, he underwent surgery in April 2013 when he received an offer from a Californian surgeon to carry out the procedure for free. His struggles with his condition and his subsequent operation are a fascinating story of human courage that must be seen to be believed.



‘Buying Naked’ explores a community where “in the flesh” takes on a whole new meaning, clothing-optional clients shop the housing market with the help of expert estate agent Jackie Youngblood. Pasco County boasts the largest concentration of nudist communities in the nation, and happily holds the title of “Nudist Capital of America.” Follow Jackie and her team as they help “in the buff” homebuyers find their dream house. Prospective homebuyers typically consider such factors as location and budget to influence their decisions. But finding a home for a nudist goes well beyond the concerns that come with typical house hunting. Jackie and her team must also bear in mind the hazards that are lurking for their clothing-optional clientele; everything from countertop height to sharp corners. Routine tasks such as cooking, cleaning and even just walking can present safety risks for the unclothed occupants of the home. Fortunately, Jackie and her team take extra care to uncover the perfect property to accommodate their clients’ unique needs and lifestyles.



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