This week on Scandal!


Mangisuspect600X400_0Mangi receives an offer he can’t refuse. Will he give in to Dintle’s charms?

Lucas needs something and identifies an unlikely person to help him get it. Lucas dangles a carrot which anyone would find hard to resist.

Mangi is stunned when he is offered something he never thought he would get in prison but his guilt prevents him from accepting an extremely tempting offer. Dintle finds herself having to pay for services she was once paid for.  Will she manage to scam someone at NFH?

Layla does something illegal which could compromise the same person.

Lindiwe meets someone she would rather have not. She decides to put up with someone’s presence for her own ends. But ends up being stuck with a companion who doesn’t match up to the people she’s trying to impress.

Lindiwe tells a lie to prevent a problem for herself at school.

Scelo takes a huge step in one area of his life, but continues to flounder in another.

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