What to expect on Laali this September 2015


laaliFind out what happens on Laali (ZEE World) –  September 2015:

This September Laali returns, Shekhar attempts to erase all memories of Laali, this however leads to his life being at risk.

Sumitra is unable to see Laali bear the injustice done to her.

After multiple attempts, she is not able to reveal the truth to the family.

Ranvijay fears Laali’s possible influence on the family.

He decides to take a drastic step to put an end to Laali.

Shekhar’s love for Laali drives him to be there at her darkest hour.

Sideshwari and Gangi try to hide Sumitra in attempt to stop her from revealing the truth to Shekhar.

Loha comes to know that his long awaited dream to have an heir will finally come to pass.

Although Laali’s life has been spared, her experience in the mansion is still not a bed of roses.

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