What to expect on Promise this September 2015


the-promiseFind out what happens on Promise (ZEE World) –  September 2015:

Rano’s attempt to save Sahil’s life has put both hers and the baby’s lives in dangers.

Pushkar is on a mission to make Pia’s life a living hell.

Jai and Bani find themselves in a sticky situation but cannot speak to the family about it.

Abhilasha is proving to have an agenda behind marrying Ranveer.

Jai finds out about Abhilasha’s con artistry history.

Sahil is sneaking behind the family’s back, teaming up with the enemy.

Celebration turns into sorrow as the Walia family witness an unexpected tragedy.

Rano is unable to take the pressure from the family, she then takes a drastic step for solution.


Monday to Friday 21h00 | Zee World Channel 166