Will Penny Lebyane change her name this year?


Those who go by the name of Penny are probably not happy or happy with their name. The name Penny, has recently dominated the social networks following the racial remarks by Penny Sparrow.

Last night on Mzanzi Magic’s Clash of the Choirs, the legendary musician, Penny Penny was the conductor of Limpopo choir.

However, the radio DJ and TV personality, Penny Lebyane seemed not to have been impressed by Penny Sparrow and Penny Penny, whose real name is Eric Kobane.

Penny Lebyane then showed her dissatisfaction on Twitter. Her tweet read thus “Goodness me from #Penny Sparrow to #PennyPenny that’s it. I’m changing my name. It’s not good to be Penny in 2016.”

Will she change her name? Let’s wait and see.