You leave the common home or I will – Meikie tells Maputla


Will the divorce threat ever end or the court be approached to grant a decree of divorce?

For now, this easy question seems to have uncertain or difficult answer. This is probably what viewers of SABC1 soapie, Skeem Swam ask themselves.

It started with Meikie wanting divorce, as she was about to forgive Maputla for his extra marital affairs, Maputla wanted divorce so that he can wed his mistress, Charity.

This resulted in Meikie suffered a stroke, and Maputla seemed to have come to his senses and instructed his attorney to withdraw the divorce.

Now as Mapuntla tries hard to mend his foolish past, Meikie wants divorce to continue and even instructing his spouse to leave their residence or else she will move out.

Will this animosity ever end? Let’s hear, share your views.