#YouGotGot with Tol A$$ Mo is coming to MTV on 17 August!


tol moMTV, Tol A$$ Mo and his posse of Outlawz are heading back into town for their most outrageous and hilarious exploits yet: to prank the good, honest, law-abidin’ citizens of South Africa…#YouGotGot…there’s no escape…

#YouGotGot premieres on MTV (DStv channel 130) on Monday 17 August at 21:35 CAT and on MTV Base (DStv channel 322) on Friday 21 August at 16:30 CAT.

Inspired by the funniest pranks on the #internet, and in the proud tradition of MTV prank shows Punk’d and Pranked, #YouGotGot is a straight-shootin’ prank show with a SA spin, foolin’ members of the public and famous faces to do real stupid stuff, or at least scarin’ the pants off them – all in the name of good ol’ entertainment!

Initially devised as a one-off stunt for April Fools’ Day earlier this year, #YouGotGot made such a commotion that MTV is bringing it back as a fully-fledged weekly show.  Each week there’ll be a celebrity prankee; stars already subjected to the #YouGotGot treatment include Bonang Matheba and Bucie (episode 1) and Da LES (episode 2).

Commented Dillon Khan, Channel Head, MTV, “Millions of people spend thousands of hours on the internet looking at cats, people falling off things, other random stuff, and more cats. So we dug about to find some interesting social experiments, representing the best and the worst pranks the internet has to offer, before trying them out on willing South Africans. Well, actually, they weren’t willing at all: it’s a prank show!  In fact, we did it just so we could have the pleasure of seeing their reaction when we finally shouted #YOUGOTGOT in their faces.

The wily gang of pranksters is led by comedian Tol A$$ Mo (identifying feature: he’s real tall…), who supplies the jokes and voiceovers, while five trusty henchmen and women pull all the pranks and stunts.

Meet The Outlaws

Lindzy: The black widow of pranks.  What Lindzy gives with one hand, she takes away with of the other. This crafty vixen will use her cunning and sly ways to trick you in the best way.

Oscar: Mini man, our “Napoleon” of pranks.  He likes getting down and dirty (not that it’s a long way down or anything). Like a pocket Swiss Army knife, this little guy comes with a big warning label.  He can “move like Jagger”, and hide in your fridge – but not necessarily at the same time….

Tracy, “Ms Stereotype”: the most colourful twisted koeksister of karaoke isn’t scared of calling a spade a spade. She may have the voice of an angel, but don’t be fooled; she ain’t afraid to cut-a-bitch, eksê my laanie. She lives by the mantra “WWCD”– “what woulda coloured do?”

Graham, alias “The Grameleon”: with a list of personas as long as a wizard’s sleeve, this master of Tom-foolery will have you second-guessing yourself at every turn. Never the same person twice, he’ll catch you every time.

Simmi: The not-so-chic “Sheik of Comedic Skullduggery”.  He may look like dreamy Aladdin, but in actual fact is more like Sinbad the sailor, with charm to pull the flying carpet right out from under you. Be careful of this pretty boy who isn’t afraid to offend.