ZA News: Puppet Nation ZA wins big at the 2016 SAFTAs


ZA News: Puppet Nation has won four awards which include Best TV Comedy for the third time in a row at the annual SAFTA’s that took place this past weekend, Sunday (March 20) at Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand.

In addition to winning Best Comedy, the show also took home awards for  Costume Design,  Sound Design, and Editing.

The highly entertaining satirical show doesn’t hold back and takes the mickey out of politicians, newsmakers and celebrities – a winning formula that has proven successful across the globe.
The team is especially excited that many of the behind-the-scenes talents of the un-sung heroes of the show were recognized in terms of sound, and costume design, and editing.

Sometimes controversial, always funny, Puppet Nation is proud of the various SAFTA nominations for 2016.

The SAFTA’s awarded to ZANews: Puppet Nation 2016:

Best TV Comedy
Franci van den Heever, Roxanne Hand, Matthew Sanna

Best Achievement Costume Design in a TV Comedy
San-Mari Compton

Best Achievement in Sound Design in a TV Comedy
Lyle Bennet

Best Achievement in Editing in a TV Comedy
Aurora Drummer, Alex Fynn, Nicolai Groudev