Zakes Bantwini threatens to deal with Shwashi


South African media has been after Zakes Bantwini‘s granny just to destroy him.

This is according Zakes’ Instagram status that was reposted by Nandi Mngoma.

The status read thus ”Sad times for our society”.

It explains the situation outside his Granny’s home.

The image he posted shows a car branded Ilanga parked outside his granny’s home. Ilanga is a publication.

He says his extended family keeps informing him that there have been journalists from different publications that keep harassing, poking and provoking his family by parking outside, and his family has been asked intrusive questions and photos of his granny’s house were taken without a permission.

“This I find very disturbing, as you find a few journalists giving other journalists a bad name by going out of their way to destroy people and peoples family’s lives by running false stories” he sobs.

He says he managed to get the journalists name and will do his best to protect his family and the dignity of other black professionals and families who are trying to better their lives.

“Why would another black man, try to destroy his fellow black man? I’m glad that my people from the ghetto continue to support me” Zakes conludes.

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