ZANews Auditions 2016: Calls for puppeteers


ZANews is holding auditions for 2016 and calling for experienced puppeteers to join their team.

The show will be hosting training workshops as a way of finding suitable candidates. These workshops will be led by two of the ZAnews puppeteers and will cover all the skills required to bring the Puppet Nation characters to life e.g Jacob Zuma, Kanye West, Donald Trump and others.

Once you graduate from the training, you may be offered a position to train on set with other puppeteers with a view to paid employment.

A degree/diploma in Drama/ Performance (specialising in physical theatre will be an added advantage).

An open-mind and creative spirit.
Experience in puppetry is beneficial and very necessary.

If you’d like to apply you can contact Tassyn at: [email protected]

FYI: ZANEWS is a South African satirical puppet show first produced in 2008 by Both Worlds, a Cape Town based production company.