Zee World – August 2015 Highlights



Monday to Friday @ 19h00| Zee World Channel 166

This August on Destiny, Yuvraj now own’s everything and he gives Kajri the right to decide the new rules of the Garodia house. Kajri moves the Yuraj’s family to the servant’s quarters. The four girls are encouraged to fight for their father’s rights and agree to stand together and claim what’s theirs. While, Lakshmi finally finds out the true reason Karan married her.

Eternal Love

Monday to Friday @ 18h00| Zee World Channel 166

This August on Eternal Love, a recording of Mr Pal’s murder lands in Daljeet’s hands and he is determined to bring the case to justice. Ranveer is involved in a fatal car accident. The story takes a leap, few years later. Fateh, a look alike of Ranveer is introduced and meet’s Anu a look alike of Sahiba. Daljeet has lost contact with Sahiba and hopes she is alive and well. So he goes in search of his beautiful Sahiba.

Breaking Free

Monday to Friday @ 20h00| Zee World Channel 166

This August, desperate times call for desperate measures as Adi works towards raising money to pay Vikram’s loan.  Kuhu is to be married off to Digvijay and Sugni teams up with Digvijay in a twisted turn of events. Vikram works on yet another plan to have Adi killed.

The Promise

Monday to Friday 21h00 | Zee World Channel 166

The Promise returns with Bani’s much anticipated confession of her love to Jai. Pia is angered when Jai and Bani’s love story blossoms. Pregnant and alone after her one night stand with Jai, Pia is filled with determination to win him back. Bani spirals into a state of shock when she learns Pia’s truth. Pia forgets all sisterly ties and plots her revenge against Bani. Will there be resolution in this web of deceit?

Follow the intrigue, excitement and watch scandal unfold on the return of The Promise.


Monday to Friday 18h00 | Zee World Channel 166

Saloni returns this month, a story of a 24-year-old Saloni, who is criticized for her dark complexion. She constantly fights to prove to her parents and in-laws, but at the same time family always comes first to her.  Saloni finds support in her businessman husband Nahar who is very attached to his family. A dutiful daughter and an ideal daughter-in-law, she is always sacrificing her own interests for the happiness and wellbeing of her family.

Take a journey with Saloni as her story captivates your heart and her life inspires every woman to find their inner beauty & strength.

Khana Khazana

Monday to Friday @ 17h00| Zee World Channel 166

Khana Khazana, meaning ”treasure of food” is a cooking show brought to you by award winning celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor.

Chef Kapoor brings unique adaptations and fusion of traditional Indian recipes with healthy low fat options for international viewers.

The show will give viewers several ideas on how to whip up a variety of their favourite Indian dishes at home.

Kiddies Treats

Mon, Wed and Fri @ 17h30 | Zee World Channel 166

Kiddies Treats is a show designed for young mothers who are faced with the challenge with feeding their children interesting food that is both healthy and interesting.

Chef and mother, Gurdeep Punj will lead you through simple recipes that are wholesome and easy to make at home.

Besides everyday snacks and lunch-box meals, Gurdip will demonstrate how to make party food, desserts, juices, and much more.

Snack Attack

Tuesday & Thursday @ 17h30| Zee World Channel 166

A snack is a special treat that can fill the space between two meals. This is the idea behind the cooking show, Snack Attack.

Chef Ranveer Brar brings you innovative snack recipes using everyday ingredients and giving it a snack attack twist!

The show is extremely exciting with an immense variety and explosion of snack flavors from sweet, sour, salty to spicy.

Fear Files

Saturday and Sunday @ 20h00| Zee World Channel 166

“Fear Files” brings to life the real stories of people who have lived through paranormal experiences that defy explanation. The series uncovers the truth behind some of the most compelling and mystifying occurrences that have taken place around India.

The show is a re-enactment of real incidents in an attempt to dispel the hoaxes from the real and possibly unexplainable. Paranormal experts are introduced who are incredibly gifted in their fields of expertise and their methods and findings are revealed as a compelling conclusion of each episode.

This investigative and matter of fact approach sets the show apart from all other shows.



Manav, a city boy, falls in love with a folk singer’s daughter, Mansi. The couple are from different backgrounds, but when Mansi’s father finds out about their love, he agrees to their relationship. Manav’s family, however, are against a girl from a remote valley marrying into their ‘high status’-wealthy family and they insult and send Mansi away. Due to a misunderstanding, the couple separate and stand firm with their parents. Manav’s misunderstandings are eventually cleared. Mansi becomes a popular singer and Manav tries to win her back. But her music producer has an eye on her and she has agreed to marry him, despite still being in love with Manav. Will Manav be able to win his love back?

Director: Subhash Ghai

Cast: Anil Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai, Akshaye Khanna

Year: 1999


A man falls in love with a beautiful village girl called Durga. Durga is blind, but never has this come in the way of their love. Her lover, who she sweetly calls ‘Babu’, swears to get her eyesight back, but disappears after her operation – which was successful. She cannot remember his face, since she’s never seen it. Overcome with depression after losing him (they all consider him dead), she is admitted to a medical facility. A doctor sees her as his daughter, and in an attempt to treat her, he sends her to a new place for a change of environment. Here she meets Raj, a successful and charming bachelor. He falls in love with Durga and they decide to marry but fate has something else in store for them. Babu, who is also Raj’s childhood friend, comes back and now sees Durga as his friend Raj’s fiancé.

Director: Bunty Soorma

Cast: Arjun Rampal, Amisha Patel, Bobby Deol

Year: 2006


Ranvir finds himself in a financial strain. The only solution to this problem is if he sells his ancestral land. He however does not have rights to the land and needs to find his uncle for the land handover. If he does not do so within a month, one of the city builders, Kukreja will make all means to take over the land. To find his uncle, Ranvir takes a trip to Mandawa, a small village, to find his uncle. There he learns of the greater values in life. We see his character transform from a materialistic city young man to a family value orientated individual. He is finally able to return to Mumbai with his uncle. Even though there is challenges, he is able to regain and keep honor of his ancestral land.

Director: Shekhar Ghosh

Cast: Vir Das, Kirti Kulhari, Gulshan Grover, Deepak Dobriyal, Yashpal Sharma

Mohan Kapoor

Year: 2013

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