Zee World dazzles with new show line up


Breaking Free(1)Zee World, the first English general entertainment channel targeted specifically for African viewers from Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited; have refreshed their programming with three new series offerings. This Monday 18 May, the series Breaking Free, will premier on DStv channel 166 and complete the trio of new shows that are set to win a place in the hearts of viewers.

“We are excited to introduce you to our new characters as they go through all the drama and action that you have come to expect from our brand Zee World prides itself in delivering the best in entertainment for you and your family. To deliver on our promise, the channel brings you your favourite series in Seasons ensuring that you experience the best of our award winning shows,” says ZEE TV South Africa’s CEO, Mr. Harish Goyal.

The three new series offer diverse content, reflecting the channels efforts in providing relatable entertainment. Zee World continues to select and provide viewers with shows that are guaranteed premium entertainment, striving to satisfy their diverse viewers with action packed programming.

Breaking Free

Starts 18th May Monday to Friday at 20h00 Zee World Channel 166

Breaking Free, a story of a young girl called Sugni’s who attempt to change the age-old tradition, which the corrupt society will never let go off. She aspires to become a bride, desires to be a daughter-in-law, she wants to be a ‘one man’ woman instead of someone who belongs to all the men. In her journey Sugni will not only encounter the evil face of the man who becomes her ‘owner’ but she will also experience love with young Adityababu who in spite of belonging to a clan showers her with respect and holds her dignity.


Monday to Friday at 19h00 Zee World Channel 166

Destiny is a story of a family that depicts the mindset of most of the middle and upper class families of the society. It shows the psychology of individuals who still believe that society can be run and governed by men only. Suryakant Garodia is also one of these people. Suryakant Garodia is married to Savitri. They have four daughters: Saraswati, Durga, Gauri and Laxmi. Owing to medical problems, Savitri can’t have any more children. Suryakant wants a male child and decides to take a second wife. He gets married to Menaka, who gives birth to a son, Yuvraj. Suryakant pampers his son and neglects his daughters. He also pays Menaka more attention than Savitri.

Eternal Love 

Monday to Friday at 18h00 Zee World Channel 166

Eternal Love, a story of three individuals Sahiba, Ranveer and Daljeet with a number of twists and turns in their lives they find themselves in a completely new world where love becomes the driving forces. Sahiba is in love with her childhood sweetheart, Ranveer. Daljeet, who lives in the same village as Sahiba and Ranveer’s families, falls in love with Sahiba. Sahiba and Ranveer’s marriage is fixed, but Ranveer gets a sudden job offer in London and leaves.