Zee World (Dstv Channel 166) – April 2015 Highlights



Monday to Friday 18h00| Zee World Channel 166

This month in Saloni, there’s a secret room in Nahar’s house that Tara stops Saloni from entering. Shubra finds out that Neil and Saloni had a love relationship. Saloni’s parents are forced to put their house on Kaveri’s name, only to find themselves on the streets. Nahar has skeletons and they are out of the closet, resulting in a chain of events which see the family members at opposite ends.



Monday to Friday 20h00 | Zee World Channel 166

This month Laali’s life is in danger. After several attacks on her, Shekhar and Laali decide to flee to a safe place. Ranvijay is hot on their heels and has a cruel plan to break his family’s trust in Laali. Ranvijay claims Laali spent her wedding night with him, but Laali can’t remember a thing about the night’s events.


Married Again

Monday to Friday 21h00 | Zee World Channel 166

This April on Married Again Yash, Aarti and the children go on holiday. Yash is furious and claims to hate Aarti. The Sindhia family assumes Aarti has cheated on Yash. Aarti falls ill and Prashant, her ex -husband is at her rescue. Bhavani has problems of her own which may send her to jail.


The Promise

Monday to Friday 19h00| Zee World Channel 166

This April, an anonymous parcel arrives for Bani with a threat. Jai has an enemy who clearly wants him dead. Piya and Pushkar’s relationship is in danger. Bani and Jai’s divorce formalities begin and Bani won’t stop at anything to get as much of Jai’s property on her name as possible. Bani finds a suicide note while Jai and Piya take things too far.


Zee World April 2015 Movies:


Vivah is a 2006 Indian musical romantic film, written and directed by Sooraj R. Barjatya. Shahid Kapoor’s performance earned him nomination for Best Actor while Amrita Rao received Best Actress nomination at the Screen Awards.

Harishchandra (Anupam Kher) is a widower raising his sons, Sunil (Samir Soni) and Prem (Shahid Kapoor). As they grow up, Sunil gets married, while the younger Prem continues his studies before being matched with Poonam (Amrita Rao), who lost her parents at a young age. Following some awkward initial… More interactions, the young couple begin having feelings for each other, and a wedding is planned. However, after Prem returns from a business trip in Japan, a tragic accident changes everything.

Director: Sooraj R. Barjatya

Cast: Amrito Rao, Shahid Kapoor

Year: 2006




Paglapur a place that did not find a place on the map – the village had the distinction of housing the largest mental asylum in the region, the asylum inmates broke loose, drove away the villagers and established their own republic in Paglapur. While the world outside changed, Paglapur remained isolated, with no electricity, television or sanity.

Decades after the world forgot this village, a NASA scientist of Indian origin, Agastya(Akshay Kumar) and his beautiful wife find themselves on the road to Paglapur. Agastya is working on a top secret project for creating a device to communicate with aliens. So why is he in a village whose colorful inhabitants include a man who speaks in gibberish, another who thinks he is a lamp post and everyone else who think Mahatma Gandhi is still around, fighting for independence? And more importantly, what are they going to do that will soon turn the universe’s spotlight on this forgotten village?

Director: Shirish Kunder

Cast: Akshay Kumar , Sonakshi Sinha

Year: 2012