ZEE World ‘Get Me Married’ Teasers (14-18 August 2017): Kash & Natasha continue to find ways to trouble the family


GET ME MARRIED (Zee World) teasers and updates for the week of 14 August 2017 through; 18 August 2017 tease that the misunderstandings between Rishi and Varun continue to increase as Kash makes things worse.

Gayatri decides to teach Kash a lesson. Vinayak tries to get the brothers to reconcile but Kash intervenes. Meera starts to believe that maybe it’s best for the family to separate. Gayatri divides the house saying that everyone will live separate lives but in one house.

Kash gets harassed by a man at the market and Gayatri decides to do something about it. Kash and Natasha continue to find ways to trouble the family. Gayatri ends up breaking a rule she created and Kash is the one that has to punish her.

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