ZEE World ‘Iron Lady’ Teasers (17-23 Dec 2018): Zaara is having a hard time


Iron Lady (ZEE World) teasers and updates for the week of 17 December 2018 through; 23 December 2018 teases that with Indira back at the Chandela house, she sees that Zaara has left a mess in her name.

Rishi is at a loss as to what to do when he can’t decide if the women in front of him is Indira or Zaara. He decides to travel to Sharma Nivas to see who he finds there. Rishi notices something about Zaara and Indira that helps him see who his real wife is. Indira is arrested but she tells Zaara something that plays tricks on her mind.

Zaara is having a hard time comprehending that her husband will no longer be able to use his body like before. Zaara isn’t planning on a happy ever after with Rishi though, as she looks to do the unthinkable. Zaara almost seems to have struck a chord with Indira that may divide her and Rishi forever. Rishi is at a loss at to what to do or how to feel but nothing is worse than how Indira feels and the actions she may take for Rishi’s sake