ZEE World ‘King of Hearts’ Teasers (19-23 June 2017): Naina discovers that Sid and Roshni are still married


KING OF HEARTS (Zee World) teasers and updates for the week of 19 June 2017 through; 23 June 2017 tease that Neil confronts Roshni and despite knowing about her past he still wants to get married.

Aanya draws up a fake marriage certificate. Sid plans to go away because he can’t take it to see Roshni married to another man. Naina overhears Sid and Aanya’s conversation and she somehow compels Sid to stay in her house. Mitul and her son Ranjit, stir things up between Sid, Roshni and Neil. Aanya confesses that she has feelings for Sid.

Neil sees Roshni and Sid all alone together at the office and he loses his cool. Naina begins her search to find out all about DD Patel. Naina discovers that Sid and Roshni are still married. Mitul strikes again, this time she adds Sid and Roshni’s wedding photos into the presentation for everyone to see. Sid discovers something disturbing about Neil. Seems like Aanya has a hidden agenda.

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