ZEE World ‘Krishi’ Teasers (5-11 Feb 2018): Dehati blames Krishi for Pinky’s state of mind


Krishi (ZEE World) teasers and updates for the week of 5 February 2018 through; 11 February 2018 teases that Tuntun comes up with a plan that ensures that Pintu gets married. Pinky plans to expose everything to Ganga. Bihari plans to kidnap Pintu on his wedding day.

Bihari and Dehati discover that Tuntun has tricked them. Bihari goes to bring Ganga to try and stop the wedding but arrives too late. Will Ganga accept Krishi as her daughter in law?

Krishi goes to work despite knowing she needs to be home for a ritual. Tuntun tries to force Krishi to sign a document. Dehati blames Krishi for Pinky’s state of mind.

Ganga scolds Krishi for putting on simple clothes. Chaubhe comes up with a plan to throw Krishi a party. Tuntun is afraid of people finding out that Krishi is from a poor family.

Vidyapati decides that he will not attend the post wedding ceremony. Pintu’s great aunt comes to visit and openly states her disappointment in Krishi as a daughter in law.

Pintu hints that he wants to go on a honeymoon with Krishi. Caterers of the dinner go to Krishi’s office to ask for favours for their service. Krishi asks for the complaint box to be put up.

Krishi receives many complaint letters. Pintu becomes conscious that he needs to fulfil his obligations. Pinky feels humiliated when she goes to college and goes to Babloo.

Premiere episodes of Krishi air on Zee World from Mondays to Sundays at 22h00.