ZEE World ‘Krishi’ Teasers (5-11 Mar 2018): Krishi asks Pintu to resign


Krishi (ZEE World) teasers and updates for the week of 5 March 2018 through; 11 March 2018 teases that Pinky blocks all of Ravi’s efforts to get financiers for the contract. Pinky steals the envelope with the IAS form. Pintu gets a promotion at work and offers Ravi an offer he can’t refuse.

Tuntun refuses to give Pintu any financial help. Pinky misplaces the envelope with Krishi’s IAS form. Pintu tries to persuade Krishi to take part in the beauty contest.

Nirmal refuses to help the family and finds out about the earrings. Krishi decides to take part in the contest. Tuntun takes his anger out on Pintu on hearing that Krishi is participating in the contest.

The contest begins and Tuntun is determined to stop Pintu and Krishi. Pinky instigates other contestants to object Pintu’s participation. Krishi asks Pintu to resign and write an apology letter.

Pinky invites Tuntun Singh to witness Krishi and Pintu losing the contest. Pinky tears up Krishi costume and the two confront each other. Krishi refuses to perform in front of her in laws.

Krishi and Pintu’s photo appears in the newspaper. Pinky anonymously sends Krishi bouquets at her in laws and that annoys Tuntun. Krishi is given a condition to be accepted back into the family.

Sonu gets burnt and Babloo decides to get married for his sake. Chanchal and Manish confront Pinky for stealing the IAS form. Krishi receives her admit card and everyone is shocked.

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