ZEE World ‘Lies of the Heart’ Teasers (14-18 August 2017): Samrat & Ishaan’s friendship is tested!


LIES OF THE HEART (Zee World) teasers and updates for the week of 14 August 2017 through; 18 August 2017 tease that Samrat refuses to be seen with Urmi as long as she wears the traditional clothing.

Urmi catches Samrat red handed staring at another woman at the beach. Samrat spikes Urmi’s drink in order to get her to loosen up at the beach party, but his actions don’t end up as he plans. After reading about her new-born niece in the newspaper, Aditi goes to visit the house to see the baby.

Samrat and Ishaan’s friendship is tested when Ishan confronts Samrat on how he treats Urmi Samrat continues ill-treating Urmi to the point where he deprives her of spending time with her family, how much of this can Urmi persevere?

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