ZEE World ‘Lies of the Heart’ Teasers (17-21 July 2017): Urmi has to do a feeding ritual and Anu invites ishan


LIES OF THE HEART (Zee World) teasers and updates for the week of 17 July 2017 through; 21 July 2017 tease that Urmi’s family performs the Haldi ceremony.

Samrat refuses to be a part of the ceremony and it causes him to leave in anger. Shashi lies to Gaurav about Samrat’s Haldi and she asks Ishan to cover up for her. Samrat tells his family that he refuses to marry Urmi after she made Ishan apologise.

Gaurav tries hard to make his father realise that Samrat has ulterior motives. Trisha tells her parents all about her conversation with Samrat.

Urmi texts Samrat and he refuses to text her back, lucky for him Ishan replies on his behalf.  Urmi has to do a feeding ritual and Anu invites ishan. Shashi visits Urmi’s family and the family start to worry as soon as she arrives. Shashi makes an expensive demand from Urmi’s family.  

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