ZEE World ‘Life of Ami’ Teasers (17-21 July 2017): Ami saves Aishwarya & Prabha informs Sanjay that she will get him married


LIFE OF AMI (Zee World) teasers and updates for the week of 17 July 2017 through; 21 July 2017 tease that Shruti sacrifices the expensive saris her husband gave her to make her daughter’s new outfits.

Amy tries on her new outfit and in her excitement, the outfit is torn. Ami manages to save Aishwarya from trouble. It becomes clearer that Sanjay has fallen in love with Shruti.

Prabha informs Sanjay that she will get him married in a few days. Sanjay tells Prabha that he is in love with Shruti. Shruti hears the office girls gossiping about her and Sanjay and it sparks an argument between her and Sanjay.

Ami gets introduced to a new teacher and instantly she tries to be a matchmaker. Ami sneaks into the principal’s office looking for the new teacher’s appointment letter.

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