ZEE World ‘Love Happens’ Teasers (12-17 Feb 2018): It’s the final showdown between Raghu & Dabral!


Love Happens (ZEE World) teasers and updates for the week of 12 February 2018 through; 17 February 2018 teases that With Kanhaiya, Basanti and Kaushalya arrested, it’s time for Raghu to be welcomed back. Bhola desperately seeks to be re-united with his family but Isha gets in the way. This time though, Isha’s actions cause innocent Bhola to snap…

After Bhola’s action, Isha realises that she is losing her hold on Bhola, what plan could she possibly come up with now to lure Bhola under her clutches again? Sona’s wedding gives her an opportunity she won’t resist.

After coming up with the idea to build a motel, Raghu goes to two villager friends for help to make his dreams a reality. Could he perhaps be walking into a trap? During this time, Bhola sees something from Isha he wishes he never did.

Bhola is back for Round 2 against the thugs at the motel. Will he get himself into more trouble though? Fighting against Dabral seems like an impossible task for Raghu; until Dabral unknowingly slips up and becomes his own worst enemy.

Dabral is taken aback by Isha the “princess” but Somnath doubts her identity. He doubts her up until an unexpected member of Raghu’s family joins the con and ends up saving the day. But will our clan succeed in getting Raghu’s land back?

It’s the final showdown between Raghu and Dabral! All seems to be going steady until Somnath causes an upset in the plan. This time, will Isha finally prove her support to the village and to Bhola as our family fights for their future?

Love Happens airs on Zee World from Mondays to Sundays at 19h00.