ZEE World ‘Love Oh Love’ Teasers (14-18 August 2017): Avni sees Raj in a fight


LOVE OH LOVE (Zee World) teasers and updates for the week of 14 August 2017 through; 18 August 2017 tease that Bhavna is focused on finding a suitable bride for Akshay, little did she know that Akshay is already seeing someone.

Avni and Raj lay eyes on each other for the first time and Raj is left wondering when he will see her again. Akshay manages to get Arpita’s photo and profile selected by his family, but what will Mr. Shastri and Savri say?

Avni sees Raj in a fight and she gets the wrong impression of him. The artist Raj booked for the concert’s flight gets delayed and now it’s up to him to save the show, will he be able to do it? Arpita and Akshay somehow manage to dodge another bullet. Raj is heartbroken after he misunderstands that Avni is the one getting married.

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