ZEE World – Saloni, Married Again, Laali and The Promise on DSTV Channel 166 Weekly Summary


marriedAgain_finalSaloni Weekly Summary Ep 35 -39

Neil ask Shubra’s hand in marriage. Rewa is heartbroken to hear of Neil’s decision. Nahar‘s family was planning on marrying Rewa to Neil. Nahar is furious with Saloni about Shubra’s wedding. Kaveri plans to ruin Shubra and Neil’s wedding. The Priest refuses to marry Shubra. Narpat agrees to cut ties with Saloni’s family. Ambika has a heart attack.

Married Again Weekly Summary Ep 35 – 39

Palak’s birthday comes to an end with Yash’s outburst. Yash performs rituals for his late wife and disregards Aarti. Aarti is faced with a challenge to make Yash fall in love with her. Yash’s life is in danger. Gayatri trusts Aarti with responsibility to find Yash.  Aarti’s love for Yash is pushed to the extremes.

Laali Summary Ep 35 – 39

Sumitra stands up against her husband for the first time when she hears of Shekhar’s poisoning. Laali and Shekhar get closer as they travel to the temple. Gangi puts her plans into motion to take over the mansion. There is a tractor competition between Ranvijay and Shekhar. Sumitra is convinced Shekhar is falling in love with Laali.

The Promise Weekly Summary Ep 35 – 39

Roshni confirms to Jigyasa she will remove Bani as Jai’s wife. There is conflict between Phuskhar and Pia due to financial issues. Bani finds out about her father’s donation to the hospital. Ranveer tells Jai that Bani stole money from the house safe. Bani and Jai get intimate. Pia moves back into the Walia house. Bani’s life is in danger.